Introduce the characteristics of two rare natural venee…

Pear Pear, also known as Dalbergia, is a species of Dalbergia. The alias is fragrant sandalwood, fragrant mahogany, flower palm, fragrant branch, rosewood, huanghuali, trade name SCENTE-DROSE WOOD (fragrant rosewood), currently belonging to endangered species. Rosewood veneer Hainan is also

U.S. Planting Genetically Modified Wheat Causes Concern…

According to the report of Xinhua News Agency, in the United States, GM wheat was not allowed to be planted in large areas, but Momin appeared in a farmland in Oregon. As a US wheat importer, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries and Food of South Korea announced on May 31 that it

Calla lily potted planting skills

Calla lily potted planting skills: 1) The base fertilizer should be applied to the upper pot, and several side buds should be left beside the large bulb to increase the density and ornamental of the leaves. 2) Properly control the watering, increase the ventilation, and maintain the plant sp

The function of door and window hardware fittings in do…

With the increasing development of the national economy, China's modern building doors and windows industry has also entered a booming era. With the continuous improvement of the people’s living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for the living environment. T

Analysis of the causes of excessive air heat pump power

Air heat pump as the name suggests is the use of energy in the air to generate heat, water 24 hours a day, high pressure, temperature to provide the whole family different hot water demand, while consuming the least energy to complete the above requirements water heater. And at home efficient hot wa

How to choose a suitable video conference camera?

Video Conferencing Camera It is an important way for a modern corporate office, and all kinds of things are inseparable from video conferencing cameras. How can we choose a suitable video conference camera ? First, the interface High data transfer without a USB interface is not acceptable. The ac

Home improvement floor heating system needs attention

Try to use marble, floor tiles or flooring together. If wood flooring is used, only composite flooring can be used, and solid wood flooring cannot be used. The thermal stability of the wooden floor is better, the water content is lower, so that the floor is not easily deformed after being heat