Apple aims smart door lock?

Apple is a vane of smart devices. After subverting traditional mobile phones and traditional watches, Apple began to look at the living room. Seeing Apple's store recently introduced a smart door lock, this is a signal that is worthy of alert in the smart home industry: 1. For smart h

Traction molecular pump working principle and structure

Traction molecular pump mainly refers to the gas molecules collide with high-speed rotor to obtain kinetic energy, with high-speed movement of the rigid body surface to carry gas molecules and make it move in a certain direction is called the phenomenon of molecular traction . People often refer to

Bathroom shower room installation skills

Nowadays, the living standard has improved and more and more shower rooms have been installed in the bathroom. The advantage is that not only the space occupancy rate is low, but also the overall environment of the bathroom can be well maintained. However, the explosion of the shower room has

What is the state of the relay alarm?

What is the status of the relay alarm? Here's to understand: In general, alarms and interlocks of instruments, DCS, and frequency converters are indispensable to the use of relays, that is, alarms and interlocks are mostly connected through relay contacts and alarms and interlocking circuits

Wald product architecture adjustment products upgrade e…

Abstract In order to integrate the superior resources, focus on the market and highlight the value of the Wald brand, in August this year, Wald made a deep adjustment to the company's product structure according to the different application industries and processing requirements. Up to no

Full height switch function features

Full height gates are also called revolving doors or full-height turnstiles. They are also known as cross turnstiles. They are three-roll gates, swing gates, wing gates, and translating gates. The latest upgrades for channel gates have irreplaceable advantages and form an inherent closed channel. S

The project “Applicable to Harder Ground PDC Diamond …

Abstract The “PDC Diamond Drill Bits for Harder Strata” project of Zhangzhou Geruite Drill Co., Ltd. won the third prize of 2014 Shengzhou Science and Technology Progress Award. Cangzhou Greet Bits Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 with a registered capital of 32... The “PDC Di