Installation inspection of wires (phone lines, cable li…

1. The dark line should be laid in the sheath pipe. It is better to use PVC flame-retardant pipe or metal pipe. The joints of the wires should be set in the junction box (you can't simply wrap a bag and directly buried in the wall) . 2, depending on the use of different specifications and types

Spring pest control is the key

Spring is not only the season of crop growth, but also when pests appear to be blaming. To protect our crops from insects, it is very important to do pest control work. As long as you do two things, you can do the spring pest control. 1. Remove weeds in the field, improve ven

6 Ways to Lay Tiles

Dry stick Also called dry stick method, is a new type of paving accessories. It changed the wet practice of mortar cement. Tiles do not need to be soaked in advance, the base surface does not need to wet, as long as the basic conditions of the pavement can be better, so that the operating conditi

Expert answers to the changes of strong and weak electr…

Strong and weak electricity transformation instructions 1 The transformation of the water circuit is the most important aspect of the renovation. The first industry mainly has a general idea of ​​overall renovation. It is necessary to separate the management of the sub-items and divid

Computer simulation shows that the performance of graph…

According to a recent report by the American physicist organization network, a German research team used computer simulations to find that because of its special geometry, graphene may be more conductive and more versatile than graphene. Related research was published in the latest issue of Physi

The role of decoration paint

The role of paint can be summarized in three aspects: protection, decorative effects, special functions. In general, the importance of the coating is first reflected in its excellent protection. At present, almost all industrial products can not be separated from the protection of the coating. At th

How to avoid traps in decoration free quantity room

"Free room" transfiguration charges “First measure a room, we have free housing.” Facing the passionate recommendation of a decoration company, many owners will be tempted. Since there are free rooms, there is no loss in the number of rooms, and you can also shop around, so