2010 machine tool market statistics

China Machine Tool Industry Association (CMTBA) released on May 12, 2010, the first quarter of 2010, the machine tool industry statistics show that from January to March this year, China's machine tool industry has completed a total industrial output value of 103.74 billion yuan, a year-on-ye

The amount of fertilizer used in the greenhouse in autu…

Greenhouse vegetables have high multiple cropping index, high yield and large fertilizer demand. The base fertilizer has a great influence on the yield, quality and soil properties of vegetables. It is the most basic link in fertilization and is essential for the growth and development of veg

Manufacturing as a Service Deep Analysis Cloud Manufact…

"At that time, the biggest difficulty encountered by the Ministry of Science and Technology in promoting ASP applications was the transformation of the overall concept of the manufacturing industry." Zhou Ping believes that "the concept of people is sometimes difficult to change, and

Two awards in the field of steel structure

In order to encourage technological innovation in the steel structure field of enterprises and research institutes, not long ago, the China Steel Structure Association Science and Technology Awards Evaluation Committee decided to add the third prize of Science and Technology Award and the Outstan

How to fertilize melon in winter and spring in the ligh…

  Melon is from the half-month after planting to the first half of harvest, which is the peak of fertilizer demand. In addition to applying an outer foot manure, in production per acre when planting furrow 10 kg diammonium phosphate, potassium and magnesium fertilizer 50 kg, 1 kg of ure

Shanxi has obvious precipitation in mid-August, and the…

In early August , the temperature in Shanxi Province was high, the precipitation was unevenly distributed, and most of the sunshine was less. Most of the spring maize is in the silking stage, and some enter the milk ripening stage; the summer corn enters the tasseling stage; the sorghum and m

Advantages of the new flat ribbon wound pressure vessel

The largest workload in today's pressure vessel manufacturing is welding (50% to 60%), especially for the welding of ring welds. Therefore, as long as the elimination of thick-ring welds can improve the technical and economic indicators of pressure vessels and increase productivity, the new flat