Basic characteristics of insulation materials

The insulating material is generally a material that directs a thermal coefficient of less than or equal to 0.2. The use of good insulation technology and materials in construction and industry can often achieve twice the result with half the effort. Each ton of mineral wool insulation used in

Development of tungsten halogen lamps

In 1959, people discovered the tungsten halogen cycle principle and produced a tungsten halogen lamp, which injected new vitality into the heat radiation source. The lamp has a small volume, the light maintenance rate is over 95%, and the light efficiency and life are obviously superior. Incan

Introduction to the classification of air purifiers

At present, the air purifiers that are commonly used on the market and are more suitable for home use can be roughly divided into the following three types: Filter air purifier: This kind of air purifier usually uses activated carbon as a filter material to filter out harmful substances such

When the home is closed, the decoration will be solved …

“The tiles that have just arrived have been broken a few times, and the dealers and factories have started to take a holiday. What should I do?” “The renovation was over, and the two days found a bit of cracks. Will the decoration company be reluctant? ” Recently, many

Hand dryer classification and purchase guide

Automatic induction high-speed hand dryers are advanced and ideal sanitary equipment for food manufacturers, which can bring clean, hygienic, safe and pollution-free hand drying effects. When washing your hands, extend your hands under the air outlet of the automatic induction high-speed hand

Ministry of Commerce: Strive for foreign trade growth r…

Summary of Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang at a regular 16 press conference that in 2012, global trade grew by only 2.5% in the case of China's foreign trade to achieve 6.2% growth, such growth is to it Not easy, it can be said that the world's major trade... Shen Danyang

Bathroom hardware will enter a new era of marketing des…

As long as you step into the Red Star or actually walk in the Sanitary Area, you can feel the basic is the same way to explain, or the industry buys so much, or this industry trainers to jump in between businesses complement each other, otherwise, you can not imagine the terminal The simil