On the 27th, the steel price was slightly stronger and …

As of yesterday, China's third-order thread in the lowest price market in North China 20mm three-tier thread offer fell to 3520 yuan / ton, East China Nanjing market with the specification price fell to 3480 yuan / ton; 20mm Puban North China lowest price 邯郸The market droppe

NASA Designs New Venus Rover

Beijing time August 28 news, according to foreign media reports, Venus is the hell of the solar system: terrible high pressure, strong winds, and strong acidic clouds. This harsh environment has determined that the probes that go to the planet to conduct insp

Flooring Industry Development and Housing Dependence

Real estate has become a hot topic in today's society. The people of Limin are all closely watching the real estate industry. As a result, the impact of real estate regulation has radiated to the flooring industry in a large range. Judging by the overall situation of real estate this

Reduce dependence on pesticides and fertilizers as appr…

China is currently facing serious food security problems, especially after understanding the process of growing grain in rural areas. Because farmers in rural areas do not understand the standards for the use of pesticides and fertilizers, they only feel that the effects of pe

Hardcover model room lighting installation and configur…

Hardcover model room lighting installation and configuration plan Guangdong hardcover room lighting Hardcover villa lighting Hardcover room living room chandelier Guangdong hardcover villa living room chandelier Model room lighting Hardcover living room lighting Hardcover room master room l

The decline of non-ferrous metals in the downturn

Since 2013, under the influence of the international and domestic economic downturn, the development of China's non-ferrous metals industry has been at a low ebb. The prices of major products such as copper, zinc and nickel have declined, and industry profits have dropped significantly

High-temperature superconducting cable advantages gradu…

With the ever-increasing use of electricity in big cities, high-voltage overhead lines wanting to penetrate into urban load centers are constrained by many factors. Therefore, it is necessary to use underground cables to transport electric power to urban load centers. In this case, the advantages