How to determine the quality of a ceramic tile?

First of all, we can use the hardness to make a symbolic stroke on the surface of the tile. If the sound produced is boring and not harsh, then the density of this tile is proved to be high. Second, pour it on top of the water. If it gets wet, there is a trace of water, which proves that the qual

Building materials purchase: the difference between fin…

1. In terms of performance, special ceramics have different special properties and functions, such as high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, insulation, and special functions in magnetic, electrical, optical, acoustic and biological engineering, so that It has

Analysis of Russia's Fastener Market and Analysis o…

It is understood that Russia is the second largest export market for fasteners in China, and the share of fasteners in the Russian market is also rising. In 2011, China’s fasteners exported to Russia reached 216,393 tons, a year-on-year increase of 27.3. %, the export value reached

How to buy a shower? The key to these points

Choose safe shower room tips: The shower room has the characteristics of less floor space, rich shapes, and easy installation. It can also achieve the purpose of dividing the space and distinguishing functional areas. It has become a key project for the bathroom renovation. Due to the lack of und

Lithium battery new technology charge 15 minutes availa…

The use of mobile phone batteries has always been a problem that has plagued us. Recently, a team of engineers at Northwestern University has developed a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that actually can be charged in just 15 minutes and lasts for a week! This technology not on

Paint construction should pay attention to a few points

Paint construction is an important "makeup" process. What are the main points of paint construction? Experts believe that the following points should be noted: 1, must be done before the mouth to do the protection of the mouth (such as marble, floor tiles, windowsill, kitchen equipment,

"Four must-see" to distinguish the merits of …

First, look at the aqueous solution After colorful paints are stored for a period of time, the pattern particles will sink and there will be a protective glue solution on the top. Generally about 1/4 of the total amount of colorful paint, wherever a good quality and colorful paint, the protective