Six solutions easily deal with camera image problems

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] When the surveillance camera is installed and used, it often encounters some faults, such as no image, unclear image, focal length, etc. Some of these problems are caused by the camera itself, and some are caused by improper installation and

What are the components of the spray device of the comp…

The spray device of the compound salt spray test chamber is composed of the following parts: The spray device of the composite salt spray test chamber is composed of the following parts: Spray gas source: The compressed air is decontaminated by oil removal and humidified into a saturator containi

Why should NPK nutrients be based on root fertilization…

Q: How does the crop absorb nutrients to meet its Growth needs? A: Most of the crops have large roots. The roots can be absorbed by the roots, especially the root hairs on the root tips. Therefore, the roots are the main organs for the crops to absorb nutrients. However, crops can also absor

Combining two materials to create super-efficient light…

If you like to bake both cakes and sauces, combine the two ingredients together to make a burger, the taste may be even better. This is also true of materials science. Recently, an international joint research group has combined two popular solar cell materia

Dance Classroom to Buy Dance Floors

Dance studios must be very firm when installing special floor for dance, because the classroom cannot be used by a dancer and may be used by many dancers. This requires the dance floor to be firmly attached to the floor if the dance floor is not strong enough. It may cause personal danger for the da

A variety of children's furniture sampling failed w…

Well-known home furnishing company Shenzhen Yijia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. has 4 batches of unqualified products, including Ingefu (children's dining chair), Sangwei (extended bed), Stowe (frame), Hansvik (closet), respectively There are safety hazards due to holes and ga

Waterproof urinal decoration matching skills

The so-called waterless urinal, as its name implies, is a toilet product that does not require flushing equipment and does not need to be equipped with water distribution. The consumption of water-free electricity in such toilets saves construction costs and saves the cost of