Japan has developed new ceramics with regenerative heat…

A communique issued by the University of Tsukuba on the 13th said that the university has cooperated with the University of Tokyo to develop a new type of ceramic that can repeatedly store heat and dissipate heat and is expected to be used in solar power gene

Waterborne cork floor paint helps you trouble

Cork floor paint is a water soluble one-component polyurethane topcoat. The product is selected from foreign resins with excellent performance and refined by scientific formula. After rigorous laboratory testing and extensive application, the paint has all the advantages of so

Institute of Physics and Chemistry for Photosynthesis H…

By referring to the mechanisms and processes of natural photosynthesis, the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy, especially hydrogen energy, through artificial photosynthesis channels opens up a new path for mankind to develop and use solar energy and gradually solve

A062 type electric appliance with cotton electromagneti…

The test can be used in the following fields to check the online monitoring system. Test verification and calibration online monitoring system help us to solve the problems found by the online monitoring system; 3 by ten offline test is carried out under standard temperature and humidity, the lab

Stainless steel sports bottle purchase notes

Many people who like sports need to be equipped step by step, not only because of their economic strength, but also because of their grasp of the product. They also use stainless steel sports bottles to make outdoor travel cups. The following small series mainly refer to stainless steel sports bot

What screen window is good

As the market has screens in a variety of materials, thus causing many consumers to nothing of screens to buy annoying. Small series today with a look at a variety of analytical material screens and let everyone know what a good screens, oh. What screens are good - invisible screens Invisible sc

Four sets of what brand of good four sets of selection

When choosing a four-piece bedding product, the face of numerous brands is always hesitant, and it is difficult to make a decision on what brand of four-piece bed is good . In fact, the four-piece bedding product does not have the brand of real sense. That brand is not good. Each brand will have p