Matters needing attention in the corn seedling stage

    The key to field management of maize seedling stage is to properly control the growth of stems and leaves and promote the development of roots, that is, “control up and promote”, reaching roots, stems flat, dark green leaves, wide leaves, healthy individuals, and neat grou

"Professional use of cylindrical roller bearings&q…

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Hardware market has a promising growth prospect

In 2012, with the development of the domestic hardware market, China’s daily hardware industry has entered the forefront of the world: Since 1996, China has established 14 technology development centers including zippers, electric shavers, stainless steel vessels, iron pans, blades,

Four countermeasures for rice diseases, pests and weeds

Rice blast, rice stem borer, rice smut, rice planthopper, rice blast, and sheath blight are the main pests and diseases of hybrid rice. Among them: rice blast, rice stem borer, rice smut are seriously harmful, difficult to control, and strong technical control. If there is a s

Some models of Wanhua Limestone Crusher have been desig…

First pray for peace to the victims of the Ya'an people in Sichuan. May the dead rest in peace. Wanhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been producing limestone crusher for 13 years. In the past 13 years, Wanhua people have been continuously developing innovative new limestone crushers to

Casting steel gate valve installation and use should pa…

Cast steel gate valve : It is all gate valves that are cast into castings made of metal steel materials, collectively called cast steel gate valves. And also cast iron gate valve corresponding, forged steel gate valve malleable iron. The following matters should be noted in the installation and m

Duty of boiler overhaul

       Foreword: After the appropriate revision of the boiler work post responsibilities, it can be used as the duties of boilers in various enterprises, deputy duties of boiler maintenance, and duties of boiler special jobs. Technically, the direct leadership of the maintenance