Process coal special gas heat carrier coal pyrolysis te…

Coal processing capacity 1000 tons/year gas heat carrier coal pyrolysis technology pilot platform The direct conversion of coal pyrolysis to produce high-quality pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis gas is the core technology supporting the establishment of a new technology for coal gra

How the pressure sensor works

Principle and application of strain gauge pressure sensor There are many types of mechanical sensors, such as resistance strain gauge pressure sensors, semiconductor strain gauge pressure sensors, piezoresistive pressure sensors, inductive pressure sensors, capacitive pressur

Shanghai spot copper price chart December 3

Shanghai spot copper price chart December 3 CO2 Laser Marking Machine`s core optical components adopt US imported parts,US imported CO2 RF laser source, US high-speed scanning galvanometer, these ensure high-speed stability and continuous long hours work, CO2 RF laser source

Inverter repair Fuji inverter repair frequency converte…

Inverter repair inverter repair warranty after three months free detection Professional inverter repair center, has a team of experienced engineers with rich electronic maintenance experience. With professional skills, advanced testing instruments combined with flexible and varied maintenance met

Application of residual oxygen meter in residual oxygen…

Oxidation of the product is an important factor affecting the shelf life of the drug. Many pharmaceutical agents are easily oxidized due to their composition, and can be oxidized under the influence of light, oxygen, moisture, metal ions and microorganisms. Source: Shanghai Zhonglin Electromechan

How to choose safe lock safety standards can not be les…

Everyone has a lot of contact with the security locks, and everyone knows it well, but once you let your friends buy some security locks, everyone is at a loss. Today, Xiaobian will teach you, in the end, How to choose a safety lock? If you are still worried about such a problem, let's tak

Method for eliminating feed anti-nutritional factors

Elimination method kv2 China feed industry information network - based on feed, service animal husbandry 1. Physical methods kv2 China feed industry information network - based on feed, service animal husbandry (1) Heating method The heating method is divided into a dry heat method and a wet heat