Reduce dependence on pesticides and fertilizers as appropriate

China is currently facing serious food security problems, especially after understanding the process of growing grain in rural areas. Because farmers in rural areas do not understand the standards for the use of pesticides and fertilizers, they only feel that the effects of pesticides will be better, but this will only cause more pesticide residues in crops.
In an acre of land, the base fertilizer is 100 kg of compound fertilizer when planting, and 50 to 60 kg of urea is applied to the joints of the seedlings. The same is true when planting wheat. This does not include the fertilizer that is applied during seedling cultivation and transplanting. This is the amount of fertilizer we use to grow a year. If this amount is not reached, the output will fall. According to the China Pesticide Network , many farmers are plunging into a vicious circle of grain production, and the decline in grain production—the addition of chemical fertilizers—the land is more compact—the frequent occurrence of pests and diseases—is the constant use of pesticides. The abuse of large-scale fertilizers has led to land consolidation, frequent pests and diseases, declining food quality and output, and thus causing serious damage to the rural ecological environment.
The biggest source of pollution in rural areas is the abuse of fertilizers and pesticides. The scutellaria in the squatting field is too much, and I can catch more than ten kilograms a night. Now, more than a dozen can't be caught. I still remember that when I was a child, every household used farmland to use farmyard manure. Because of the low pests, the food was basically not applied with water, and the grain produced was a real green food. Nowadays, whoever uses farmer's fertilizer will be jokes, pests are more, and the insect resistance is particularly strong. It can't be killed without a large dose of medicine. The food produced by this kind cannot guarantee its quality, not to mention it. Talk about what is green. The farmers counted the money. The time-consuming income in the field is far less than the income from working. No one is willing to spend time using the farmer's fertilizer to grow grain, and even less willing or have no energy to use the farmer's fat to grow grain.
As the price increase of grain is partly offset by the increase in the price of production materials, it is difficult for farmers to rely on grain farmers to get rich. This directly leads them to be reluctant to work hard in the fields. Even if they only grow rice for one season each year, they do not grow rapeseed or wheat, and they will abandon the land seasonally. .
Food security does not only mean a decline in production. Food quality, land consolidation, and rigidity are all critical to food security. For now, the latter is very serious in China. Experts believe that it is first necessary to adjust relevant food subsidy measures, for example, to increase subsidies for farmers who grow ecological grain. In addition, policy support and financial support will be given to manufacturers of production and research biopesticide . Finally, scientific guidance is given to farmers in the field of fertilization. Thereby improving the food security of our country.

Cobalt Compounds:

1. Cobalt oxide: usually cobalt oxalate or cobalt carbonate as raw materials calcined at 500-600 ℃ cobalt oxide, the main reaction is as follows:

CoC2O4 == CoO + CO + CO2; CoCO3 == CoO + CO2

2. Cobalt hydroxide: It can usually be neutralized with sodium hydroxide solution in cobalt chloride solution or cobalt sulfate solution. The main reactions are as follows:

Co2 ++ 2OH - == Co (OH) 2 Co (OH) 2 + O2 + 2H2O == 4Co (OH) 3

3. Cobalt chloride: usually available cobalt powder with dilute hydrochloric acid into cobalt chloride solution, and then crystallized by evaporation of cobalt chloride crystals, the main reaction is as follows: Co + HCl --- COCl2; Co + H2SO4 --- COSO4

4. Cobalt sulfate: usually cobalt oxide as raw material, dissolved in sulfuric acid after evaporation crystallization of pink cobalt sulfate crystals, the main reaction is as follows: CoO + H2SO4 == CoSO4 + H2O

5. Cobalt carbonate: It can usually be obtained by precipitation with sodium carbonate solution in cobalt chloride solution or cobalt sulfate solution. The main reactions are as follows:

CoCl2 + Na2CO3 == CoCO3 + 2NaCl

6. Cobalt oxalate: It can usually be precipitated with ammonium oxalate solution in cobalt chloride solution or cobalt sulfate solution. The main reactions are as follows:

(NH4) 2C2O4 + CoCl2 == CoC2O4 + 2NH4Cl

7. Oxidation of high cobalt: cobalt carbonate or cobalt oxalate can usually be heated in oxygen, further oxidation obtained, the main reaction is as follows:

3CoCO3 + O2 ==== Co2O3 ++ CO2; CoC2O4 + O2 ==== Co2O3 + CO2 + CO

8. Cobalt Hydroxide: 4Co (OH) 2 + O2 + 2H2O === 4Co (OH) 3; 2Co (OH) 2 + NaClO + H2O == 2Co (OH) 3 +

2Co (OH) 3 + 6HCl == 2CoCl2 + Cl2 + 6H2O

Cobalt Compounds

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