Flooring Industry Development and Housing Dependence

Flooring Industry Development and Housing Dependence Real estate has become a hot topic in today's society. The people of Limin are all closely watching the real estate industry. As a result, the impact of real estate regulation has radiated to the flooring industry in a large range.

Judging by the overall situation of real estate this year, prices in the third and fourth tier cities will fall due to oversupply; while prices in first and second tier cities may rise due to supply exceeding demand, even if they are regulated. After the local "national five" rules have been settled, the property market has once again been calm. At present, the two laws of the real estate industry have played a role. One is the law of supply and demand, and the other is the law of price and income. So the house is not the problem of the house itself, it is the relationship between supply and demand, this rule has worked. At the same time, house prices are also determined by the income of home buyers.

The development of the flooring industry is closely related to real estate. The real estate and flooring industries, like teeth and lips, are inextricably linked. Generally, one or six months after the downturn in the real estate industry will affect the flooring industry. With regard to the ups and downs between the real estate and flooring industries, people in the industry have seen some different views.

Point One: Even if the market is temporarily unstable, the entire industry is still optimistic. Especially in the second and third tier cities, rigid demand still exists, but it has been temporarily suppressed. As the real estate industry moves toward a healthy and stable track, rigid demand will be released. In particular, in the Chinese traditional concept, there is no thought of buying a house or a small house for a large house. After 80s, it gradually becomes the main force of the industry, and the demand determines the market. , so the market potential is still very large.

The second point of view: If the property market has a cold influence on the home industry, the impact on low-end products may be even greater. The economic ability of high-end products customers is not a problem, but in comparison, the potential customers of low-end home products are more likely to be affected by the price of the property market.

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