On the 27th, the steel price was slightly stronger and stronger

On the 27th, the steel price was slightly stronger and stronger As of yesterday, China's third-order thread in the lowest price market in North China 20mm three-tier thread offer fell to 3520 yuan / ton, East China Nanjing market with the specification price fell to 3480 yuan / ton; 20mm Puban North China lowest price 邯郸The market dropped slightly to around RMB 3,520/ton, and the price of Jinan Market in East China with the specifications rose to RMB 3,560/ton. In addition, as of yesterday, the average price of the 20mm HRB400 rebar mainstream market was 3,650 yuan/ton, down 4 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; the average price of the 20mm plate mainstream market was 3,692 yuan/ton, up by 1 from the previous trading day. RMB/ton; the average price of 4.75mm hot-rolled coils in the mainstream market is 3697 yuan/ton, up 7 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; the average price of 5# angle iron in the mainstream market is 3650 yuan/ton, rising from the previous trading day. 1 yuan/ton.

News side: Many more stable growth opinions have been made to prevent the economy from falling too much. Entering more than August, they began to issue steady growth opinions. Sichuan, Hebei, Gansu, Guangdong, Guizhou, Chongqing, Fujian and other places have all introduced policies to stabilize investment growth and ensure the economic goals of the entire year. The reason why local governments have introduced stable growth has a lot to do with the downward pressure on the economy. Especially in the industrial sector, the country has not completed its goals and most of the localities have not yet completed. Hebei's industrial target this year is 13%, and the actual growth from January to July was only 11.1%. The goal of Sichuan's industrial growth rate is 14%. In the first seven months of this year, it was only 11.3%.

Cost side: After the Tangshan billet fell 30 yuan/ton yesterday, Tangshan 150 billet was reported at 3,150 yuan/ton this morning. In addition, steel thread was raised by 40 yesterday, and Changjiang Steel, Licheng Taihang, and other manufacturers reduced the building materials by 10-30. The price adjustments of most other manufacturers' building materials were held steady; followed by the prices of plates produced by Xining, Tangshan Ruifeng and Hebei Advance. Downgraded by 20-30, Tangshan Guofeng reduced the settlement price in August by 170, and in September the guiding price was raised by 100. From this point of view, yesterday, the mainstream domestic manufacturers to adjust the price of more than a temporary operation; only a few manufacturers are still mixed adjustment phenomenon, and the adjustment is mostly weak adjustment.

** Surface: Yesterday the rebar main contract Rb1401 Gaokaidizou, open 3827, thread to close 3813, due to the pressure on the 3850 line yesterday, the disk finished lower, the trend is relatively weak, is expected to continue to fluctuate the thread today, building materials in some areas fell.

Demand side: Yesterday's end demand release improved slightly, and the transaction also rebounded from last week, and the willingness of sellers to fall significantly weakened.

Taken together, with the continued downward adjustment of the billet price yesterday, combined with the current adjustment of the factory price adjustment is also weak in the adjustment, making the current steel price rebound is blocked; but taking into account the end demand release has improved, especially the volume of the improvement, As a result, the willingness of the commercial banks to continue to decline has weakened significantly. Therefore, in a comprehensive view, it is expected that the current mainstream trend will enter stable, slightly turbulent, and strong adjustments. Among them, the average price of rebar in the mainstream market today is adjusted by -10 to 10 yuan per ton, and the average price of 20mm tertiary rebar in the mainstream market fluctuates between 3640 and 3660 yuan per ton; today's plate prices in the mainstream market will be adjusted. 0 ~ 10 yuan / ton, the average price of 20mm plate in the mainstream market fluctuated between 3690 ~ 3700 yuan / ton.

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The system can operated via: 1) control box; 2) inching electronic control; 3) continuous automatic operation; 4) emergency stop; 5) single side operation box; 6) time delay; 7) ground radar and/or magnetic sensors. Please refer to Wiring Terminal for eternal connections.

System has fuse/safety wire shutdown switch for three-phase power protection, fuse/safety wire for operating circuit protection, and temperature sensing relay for motor protection.

Stroke Controller utilizes absolute value encoder. Connect the absolute value encoder and reducer via encoder`s axle, and fix the wings on to the reducer, than insert the aviation plug into plug receptacle.

The mounting screw for the control box must inspect regularly to prevent screw been getting loose and falling off. Check the internal and external wirings. Check and change the oil for the redactor on regular basis.

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