Maintenance "six do not" overall wardrobe life can be improved

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In the world, all things will have a life-end time, so it is necessary to cultivate and protect this way to prolong life. The same is true for the wardrobe. If the wardrobe in the home is not well maintained, the life of the overall wardrobe will be shortened accordingly, and vice versa. Of course, if the method is improper in the maintenance of the wardrobe, the life of the wardrobe will be greatly reduced. Then the following overall wardrobe maintenance "six do not" principle can be known.

First, do not drag hard to pull during handling, should be lightly lifted; put it flat when placed, if the ground is not flat, the mat legs should be solid to prevent damage to the blink structure.

Second, do not expose the wardrobe to the sun, and do not place it in an excessively dry place to avoid cracking and deformation of the wood.

Third, do not put the closet in a very humid place, so as not to let the wood wet and swell, the long time is easy to rotten, the drawer will not open.

Fourth, do not press heavy objects on the top of the furniture such as the large wardrobe, because this will cause the door to be closed.

5. Do not rinse with water or use a wet rag to clean the wardrobe made of plywood. Do not immerse the detachable position such as drawers in alkaline water to prevent the splint from dispersing or degumming.

6. Do not wash the wardrobe with alkaline water or boiling water, and do not place high concentrations of alcohol, banana water, etc. on the table to prevent damage to the paint surface. (Source: Zhonghua Wardrobe)

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