Air conditioning does not cool, it is not necessarily lack of "fluorine"

This summer, the air conditioner is very busy. In the past few days, the nationwide “barbecue mode” has kept the air conditioner motor busy. The high frequency of air conditioning has increased the demand for maintenance services for “adding fluorine to air conditioners”.

According to preliminary statistics, since the summer, more than 20 households in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province have requested Freon, but the air conditioning is not necessarily caused by the lack of freon.

“The filter is clogged, the heat dissipation is not good, and the outdoor unit compressor is not working properly. It may affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner. In addition, there are some cases, such as some unscrupulous maintenance workers, in order to seek benefits, the small problems will be exaggerated when the door is repaired, saying It is caused by the lack of Freon, which makes it necessary for the price." The inspection personnel of Zhejiang Jiaxing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said.

So, how many years does an air conditioner need to be added to Freon? The inspectors say that this problem cannot be generalized. Some air conditioners can still be cooled normally after four or five years or more, and there is no need to add Freon. After only one or two years of use, there are problems for some reasons, causing leakage of Freon, which affects the cooling effect.

When the air conditioner is insufficiently cooled or the evaporator is frosted, the filter is blocked by dust and the air inlet and the air outlet are blocked. It is considered that the Freon is missing. Therefore, after the consumer finds that the air conditioner is not cooling, the air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned first. If the cleaning is invalid, then a professional is required to check whether the freon of the air conditioner has a leak.

Jiaxing Bureau reminds consumers that regular air-conditioning manufacturers can add fluoride for free during the air-conditioning warranty period. "If there is air conditioning without refrigeration, it is best to find the relevant staff through the manufacturer's after-sales service. If the air conditioner has passed Warranty period, repair home appliances is best to choose a service reputable business, and keep the relevant receipts, beware of being deceived." (Xu Jie)

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