Security cable leaders occupy the market mainstream

Security cable leaders occupy the market mainstream With the construction of the “Safe City” in the country entering the overall promotion phase, in addition to the continuous expansion of the security demand market in key developed cities, the central and western regions and second and third tier cities and counties will also be launched. Security cables, as an important link between security devices, also play an important role in this. Security cable product technology has entered the era of standardization, and cable leaders have dominated the mainstream market. According to the "2012-2016 China Security Cable Industry Market Research and Investment Forecast Analysis Report," it shows that the construction of "Safe City" will be an important driver to support the rapid development of the security industry.

Wire and Cable Market Development Survey At present, the global wire and cable market scale has exceeded 100 billion euros. In the global wire and cable industry, Asia's market scale accounts for 37%, the European market is close to 30%, the American market accounts for 24%, and other markets account for 9%. With the advent of 2013, China's wire and cable industry will usher in new business opportunities and markets. In particular, with the continuous expansion of China's power industry, data communications, and urban rail transit industries, the demand for wire and cable will also grow rapidly, driving the development of China's wire and cable industry.

After entering 2013, the huge market for wire and cable in China has gradually surfaced. How to seize the historical opportunities and how to increase technological R&D strength through independent innovation to meet the needs of both rail transit and shipbuilding and port construction, It is the biggest test for China's wire and cable manufacturers. In other words, China's wire and cable market should be seized by China's wire and cable companies, and it must not be cheaper for foreign wire and cable manufacturers. To this end, China's wire and cable companies should actively unite and win the domestic huge market through technology sharing, experience sharing, and financial support.

In addition to the large-scale construction of rail transit, the construction of ships has also provided development opportunities for the Chinese wire and cable market. In 2000, China’s shipbuilding production was 5 million tons. By 2005, it had increased to 12 million tons. By 2010, China’s shipbuilding output will reach 25 million tons. Especially in recent years, with the increasing emphasis on shipbuilding by the central government, China's shipbuilding industry will grow rapidly with the rapid development momentum in the next 5-10 years. The wire and cable industry in the upper reaches of the industrial chain has even more opportunities for development.

However, the requirements for marine cables and rail transit cables are similarly strict. Due to the particularity of the environment in which the ships are located, the cables used for ships are basically halogen-free and low-smoke type special cables, which must at least meet fire prevention, waterproof, pressure resistance, and non-toxicity. Claim. By then, vertical water-sealed cables and umbilical cables will have a great deal of experience. The special wires and cables such as low-smoke cables and cords, shipboard power cables, and shipboard communication signal cables will also be recreated. In addition, military vessels and underwater vehicles, including special cables such as torpedoes and bait detectors, will also welcome new students.

With the expansion of shipbuilding, the intensity of port construction will inevitably increase. Therefore, the huge wire and cable market brought about by port construction projects (including coastal and inland rivers) must not be ignored. With the start of port construction, it will bring huge markets such as power cables, lighting cables, communication cables, cables for electrical equipment, cables for port machinery, and so on.

Future development: Leading cable companies occupy the mainstream market â—‡ Product technology enters the era of standardization In order to better promote the security industry and ensure the harmonious development of social life and work, security cable products must be developed in a safer and faster direction. China is one of the most important cable product R&D and production bases in the world. Currently, it has fire-retardant and fire-resistant, high-temperature and low-temperature resistant, low-inductance and low-noise, green environmental protection, low-smoke and halogen-free, anti-termite and rodent-proof, water and moisture proof, etc. A series of cable products with unique performance and special structure have already formed certain productivity. With the continuous improvement of social security and system security requirements, through the extensive publicity, promotion, and collaboration of governments, industries, and companies, high-performance, high-efficiency, safe and new technology cable products will surely be as safe as Western developed countries. Widely used in the system.

Industry standards are the basis for the development of industries and enterprises. Product technical standards are an effective guarantee for product quality. With the development and maturity of China's security industry, the national authorities are pushing for the standardization of the security industry. At present, the development of technical standards for security cable products has been incorporated into the next phase of the work plan. With the joint efforts of the government, industry and enterprises, the production and quality assurance of the security cable products will be followed in a rule-based manner. The security cable technology and application will be more reliable and professional. The field is moving fast.

â—‡Industrial concentration will continue to increase. Leading companies occupy the mainstream market China's security industry starts from scratch and grows in competition. After decades of development, it has formed a certain scale. With the promotion of global economic integration, there will inevitably be leading companies among the different products in the industry, and the degree of industrial concentration will continue to increase. Only industry concentration has emerged in the industry, leading companies emerged and the industry can be established to form a common development philosophy. Only from the perspective of the most basic survival considerations can companies enter the most important areas of scientific management, core technologies, and core products to promote the healthy development of the industry, so as to avoid unfair competition of low quality and low end. The chaotic competition between the large and small, miscellaneous wire and cable manufacturers, the lack of technical strength in the industry, and the size of funds will gradually end for local interests and vicious competition.

At present, leading companies in the domestic security industry have begun to show signs, and the domestic security cable market has formed a number of mainstream companies. These enterprises have expanded through continuous product extension and channels, through continuous improvement of enterprise management and team building, whether in the brand The degree of influence or the overall improvement of product quality, service specification has been increasingly accepted by the industry and users. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of industrial concentration, with the continuous expansion of the production scale of such enterprises, the productivity generated by the scale will be fully reflected in the market, and cost-effective products plus standardized services will occupy the security cable. The vast majority of market share.

With the increasing emphasis on users, “all-line compatibility, full-service” is appealing for cable products that carry important data, images, and other information transmission tasks in the security system. Due to the insufficient attention of the user or the engineering firm to the purchase of cable products, problems such as the improper selection of the cable products and the quality problems that affect the entire system engineering are not uncommon, causing certain losses and negative impacts. The profound lessons of the past have led more and more users and contractors to pay close attention to the quality and correct use of cable products, and gradually changed the use of security cables. . Through the joint efforts and publicity of governments, industries, engineering companies, and production companies, the phenomenon of coexistence of high-end equipment and low-quality cables in security engineering systems is becoming less and less, and the important role of security cables in the use of systems is becoming more and more important. Everyone really realized.

Security engineering requires a perfect combination of different functional devices and the reliability of the transmission part of the product is critical to the entire security system. Although the security cable is the main component of the transmission part, the compatibility and consistency of the transmission performance of the cable product between different model specifications and the compatibility, matching, and stability between the cable and the connected related equipment are also frequent. Ignored by industry users. The future security cable manufacturers will not only be limited to the provision of simple products in the current stage, but will also continue to extend the product chain while strengthening the service concept, providing users with a full range of compatible products, and providing the full range of products for the correct and reasonable use. The technical support and service will surely become the market development trend of the security industry.

â—‡ International cooperation and development are irresistible. "To be a global security company and to build an internationalized national brand in China's security industry" has become the development goal and corporate mission of outstanding enterprises in the industry. Guided by such beliefs, China's security products have extensively penetrated into many areas of the world's security industry. International cooperation between domestic enterprises and advanced developed countries has been launched in all directions. At present, several of China's most powerful security cable companies are also following the international trend of market development. Several years ago, they have started to fully formulate and launch a global development strategy. They have extensive cooperation and exchanges in technology, capital, and management. The introduction of advanced technology and management concepts of foreign companies has enabled the company's strength to be rapidly upgraded and developed. And actively go abroad to seek international markets, increase product exports, there are a large number of security cable products exported to the rest of the world.

Pipe elbows are mainly used for connecting two pipes.  all the fittings in the piping system use , 80% proportion  is elbow. Typically,we  choose different elbow forming process according to different wall thickness and different materials. Currently, manufacturers of seamless elbow forming process commonly use hot push, stamping, extrusion. 

According to Pressure and thickness: Sch5s, Sch10s, Sch10, Sch20, Sch30, Sch40s, STD, Sch40, Sch60, Sch80s, XS; 
according to the angle of elbow : 45 Â°, 90 Â°, 180 Â° and so on.

according to the bend radius: 1D, 1.5D, 3D, 4D, 5D and so on.

Product Name:Pipe Elbow
Materials: A234 WBP-WP1-WP12-WP11, A403 WP 304-304L-316-316L, A402 WPL3-WPL 6,A860 WPHY 42-46-52-60-65-70,PG370,C20
Thickness: 2mm-100mm 
Crafts: Butt, Push System, Simmer 
Connection: Welding 
Package: Wooden boxes,Wooden pallets,According to customer requirements.
Brand Name: HY 
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) 
Certification: ISO.UKS.SGS.BV 
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