Challenges in the development of fire retardant coatings

Challenges in the development of fire retardant coatings The importance of fire prevention is self-evident, and the potential and huge market for natural fire retardant coatings has also emerged. What challenges will the fire protection coatings face in China? The following Xiao Bian to analyze the challenges that fire protection coatings may face for everyone!

First of all what is fireproof paint?

Fire-retardant coatings are coatings that are not flammable by themselves and can improve the fire resistance of the substrate after coating. It is a kind of special coating for flammable substrate surface, which can reduce the flammability of the coated material surface, block the rapid spread of fire, and improve the fire-resistant limit of the coated material.

Challenges for fire retardant coatings:

1. The first is the technical problem. As the country's requirements for fire-retardant coatings are increasingly stringent, fire-retardant coatings companies are required to speed up the performance requirements of fire-retardant coatings so that they can meet the requirements of the state to better reduce the damage caused by fire.

2. Followed by sales problems As the brand of fire-retardant coatings gradually increased, various paint brands made consumers feel unable to choose, and due to the malicious competition of competitors, fire-retardant coatings faced numerous sales problems, product backlog, funds, Difficulties in circulation have restricted the development of coated enterprises.

3. Anti-counterfeiting issues As a result of market supervision problems, best-selling products are often used by black-skin paint manufacturers. Many counterfeit fire-retardant paint products enter the market, causing consumers to suffer losses and also making regular manufacturers' product sales difficult. Good anti-counterfeit work has become a top priority in the development of coated enterprises.

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