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Common methods for distinguishing bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-09-26

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With the continuous increase in the number of domestic car ownership; the demand for the use of auto parts and auto supplies is also constantly added; but the large and small parts and supplies stores in Guangzhou are numerous and messy; the goods in the meantime are mixed; many posing as fake and inferior products In the meantime; the loss of the owner of the car; serious or even the casualties of the personnel. In order to let the owner know the characteristics of the accessories and supplies of the various brands of the factory, from this week on the owner's page to jointly open a "smart consumption" "Programs; to the car owners friends to analyze the various types, the distinction between the major car brand accessories. Expected to follow the festival intentions; respect for the brand, rooted in fakes, the use of genuine concepts can be a household name. This is our expectations; The direction of best effort.
It is no exaggeration to call a bearing a car. It is not only a four-legged wheel that requires the use of bearings; it is indispensable for all the machine parts that will change; it is a very inconspicuous in the transmission system. Contact serious things. Because of the large amount of work; its wear is also relatively high; so replacing the bearing is a common job in car repair. Walking in the auto parts market. (11) Chi fashion system, frequency, noise, equipment, C, Huanhuan锹舻 岢 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 柿 媳晔 媳晔 媳晔 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖 氖Common methods:
Whether the outer packaging can be clear: Under normal circumstances; the factory brand has a special depiction of the external packaging; and the factory that produces the production conditions is manufactured; therefore, the packaging is very clear from line to color; Vague. (Some imported brands have a common depiction on the packaging of their own personalities to protect their intellectual property; this will be continuously analyzed in the future).
Can the steel printing be clear: the brand name, label, etc. will be printed on the bearing body. The font is very. Qin 銎 銎 銎 褂 褂 褂 褂 〖 〖 酰 酰 酰 〖 谖淳 谖淳 碇熬 碇熬 碇熬 碇熬 碇熬 碇熬 碇熬 棺 棺 棺 棺 棺 棺 棺 棺 棺 棺 棺嫉. The front 嫉 睿 睿 环 环 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而 而
Can there be noise: the left hand grasps the bearing body sleeve; the right hand pushes the jacket to make it rotate; listen to whether it can have noise, because the production conditions of some counterfeit products are backward; thoroughly hand-operated operation; in the production process It is inevitable to incorporate impurities such as sand; it is hidden in the bearing body; therefore, the noise will be announced during the rotation. This is the biggest difference between the strict implementation of the production specifications and the operation of the factory brand.
Whether the appearance of dirty oil traces: This should pay attention to the purchase of imported bearings. Because the current domestic anti-rust skills are not common to the home; so the bearing body anti-rust treatment is very simple to leave a thick trace of oil; It is sticky and sticky on the hand; the bearings imported from foreign countries can hardly see the traces of anti-rust oil; but it is a common and careful expert that the imported bearings smell a smell; it is definitely anti-rust oil; I can't see it.
Whether the chamfer can be even: the chamfer of the bearing; that is, the intersection of the horizontal and the vertical; the counterfeit bearing is restrained by the production skill; the position of the corners is not satisfactory.
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