Safety shoes size common sense

The size of the shoes, also known as the shoe number, is commonly followed by the following standards: International, European, United States, and British.

The international standard shoe number indicates the length of the foot in millimeters. Chinese standards use millimeters or centimeters. For example, 245 is the number of millimeters and 24 1/2 is the number of centimeters, which means the same size. The People's Republic of China Light Industry Standard QB/T1002-2005 "Leather Shoes", and this standard shall be formally implemented on September 1st, that is, the new shoe number will no longer use the Eurocode and will be marked in millimeters. Conversion formula: (European code +10) x 5 = Chinese shoe number, such as the Euro code 35 shoe, the corresponding Chinese shoe number is 225; the European code 37 corresponds to the Chinese shoe number is 235. Specifically: 34 - 220MM; 35 - 225MM; 36 - 230MM; 37 - 235MM; 38 - 240MM; 39 - 245MM; 40 - 250MM; 41 - 255MM; No. 42 - 260MM; No. 43 - 265MM; No. 44 - 270MM; No. 45 - 275MM.

In addition, the conversion formula with other countries or regions is:
Number of centimeters x 2-10 = European system (European system + 10) ÷ 2 = centimeters Number of centimeters -17.5 = American system American system +17.5 = centimeters Number of centimeters -18.5 = imperial system English system +18.5 = centimeter shoe size comparison table:
Women's shoes

Men's shoes

(Attach: 1 yard = 0.9144 centimeters; 1 yard = 36 inches; 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters)
How the size of the safety shoes is converted in the end, this may not many people do not know, now I'll tell you: For example, I wear a 42-yard shoe, but the shoes written on the 26, how can I know is 42 Then it is converted as follows: 26*2-10=42; is your number. In other words, the law of the size of a shoe is: The two kinds of shoes we use are British and American, which is generally The larger one, one that our country enacted, is smaller. Conversion formula: Chinese system × 2-10 = British and American system. For example: Your feet are 25 cm long and 25 × 2-10 = 40 yards in reverse. You should also be able to count.

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