The main method of distinguishing the IC chip original genuine and refurbished goods

The main ways to distinguish between genuine and refurbished goods are:

1. See if the surface of the chip has been polished. The polished surface of the chip will have fine lines or even micro marks previously printed on it. Some cover the surface of the chip with a thin layer of paint that looks a bit shiny and has no plastic texture.

2, see printing. The vast majority of today's chips are laser-marked or printed on dedicated chip printers. They are clearly legible, unobtrusive, unambiguous and difficult to erase. The refurbished chip either has a “sawtooth” etched by the cleaning agent on the edge of the writing, or has a blurred print, a different shade, a malposition, an easy erase or an overt eye. In addition, the screen printing process is now out of the IC manufacturers, but many chip renewal because of cost reasons still use screen printing process, which is also one of the basis for judgment, silk screen printing words will be slightly higher than the chip surface, touch can feel the slightest uneven Or feel astringent. However, it should be noted that due to the recent sharp decrease in the price of small laser marking machines, more and more refurbished ICs adopt laser marking, and some new films will also use this method to change the word mark or simply replay to “enhance”. The grade of the chip, which requires special attention, and the method of differentiation is more difficult, need to train on the "eye of the eye." The main method is to look at the overall coordination, the handwriting and the background, the oldness of the pin is not the same as the possibility of new, too clear and problematic, but many small factories, especially domestic certain small IC companies The chip is born of this, which adds a lot of trouble for the identification, but the judgment of the mainstream manufacturers chip is still very meaningful. In addition, the use of laser marking machines to modify chip marks has become more and more frequent, especially in memory and some high-end chips. Once it is found that there are individual letters in the position of laser printing, and the thickness of strokes is uneven, it can be considered as Remark. of.

3, see the pin. Where bright as the "new" tinned pins must be refurbished goods, the majority of the pins of the goods IC should be the so-called "silver powder feet", the color is dark but the color uniformity, the surface should not have oxidation traces or "flux ” In addition, the plugs of DIP and Other plugs should not have scratches. Even if there are (repackaging) scratches, they should also be neat, in the same direction, and the exposed metal is smooth and non-oxidizing.

4, see the device production date and packaging plant label. The label of the genuine goods includes that the label on the bottom surface of the chip should be consistent and the production time is consistent with the device's appearance, while the label of the renewal film without Remark is confusing and the production time is different. Although Remark's chip has the same positive label, it may sometimes be numerically unreasonable (such as the "Geely Number") or the date of manufacture does not match the device's specifications. The label on the bottom surface of the device is also confusing and indicates that the device is Remark.

5, measure the thickness of the device and see the edge of the device. Many of the original laser-printed burnished fins (most power devices) must be polished deeper because they are intended to remove the original marks. As a result, the overall thickness of the device will be significantly smaller than the normal size. However, those who are generally inexperienced are not compared or measured with a caliper. It is difficult to distinguish, but there is a change of general knowledge, that is, to see the front edge of the device. Because the plastic sealing device must be "released" after injection molding, the edge angle of the device is rounded (R angle), but the size is not large. It is easy to grind this fillet to a right angle when grinding, so the front edge of the device is right angle once Can be judged as polished goods.

Also provide some professional methods to identify the authenticity of the IC:

1, DECAP, to cover the opening method (destructive experiment). Open the plastic seal, look at the LOG and MARKING of WAFER with the 400-600 microscope, and the internal layout.

2, X-RAY, X-ray transparent method. Use X-RAY to see how internal WAFER is.

3, electrical test, parameter comparison method. Use dedicated test systems such as CRENDENCE ELECTRICS 100, VTTV 777, HP 93000, including DC, AC, FUNCTION, and other test parameters for compliance with DATASHEET. (The impedance measurement method in BBS is really too old-fashioned and unprofessional).

4. Environmental limit experiment and failure analysis method. In the different voltage limits, temperature and humidity range, see the working status of the device and observe the mechanism of failure.

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