Zinc Oxide Arrester Characteristics Tester Operation Precautions

1. The thermal breakdown of the zinc oxide surge arrester causes the thermal breakdown of the zinc oxide arrester generator to be the ultimate cause of its thermal power being greater than the thermal power. The heating power of a zinc oxide valve sheet depends on the current and the voltage on it (the current is the active component of the current flowing through the valve).

2. The inside of the zinc oxide surge arrester is not sealed tightly, which will lead to moisture inside the arrester, or moisture immersed in the interior of the arrester, which will increase the total current of the arrester under voltage. When the moisture reaches a certain level, discharge occurs along the surface of the zinc oxide valve plate or the inner surface of the porcelain sleeve, causing the arrester to explode.

The increase in total current caused by moisture in the zinc oxide lightning arrester is caused by an increase in resistive leakage current. By detecting the extent of change in the angle of view, it can be inferred whether or not it is damp.

In summary, the above faults can be reflected by the change in resistive leakage current. Understanding the changes in the resistive leakage current of zinc oxide, it is possible to predict whether these types of faults occur.

The precautions for the zinc oxide surge arrester characteristics tester developed by Yangzhou City Fei Kete are as follows:

1. When taking the reference voltage from the PT or test transformer measuring terminal, carefully check the wiring to avoid short circuit of the PT secondary or test voltage.

2. Take care not to mistake the current and voltage sampling lines during the wiring process.

3. When testing in the laboratory, the high voltage power supply cannot use the string test transformer.

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