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DIY is to do it by yourself, the development of the times, and more and more diversified life. We can see DIY gifts, DIY cups, and DIY shoes everywhere. However, everybody thought that labor insurance shoes can also be DIY? The hot summer season is approaching. DIY hand-painted sneakers can be seen on the street. Designers who designed safety shoes started their creativity. Just buy solid-colored fabric safety shoes and follow your own preferences. Draw your favorite and beautiful patterns on your shoes. A pair of exquisite hand-painted shoes will be completed! Neither destroys the protective function of the protective shoes, but also increases the beauty, why not?

Xiao Bian summed up a few DIY hand-painted labor insurance shoes production process, interested labor insurance people, you can refer to the following Austrian:
There are three kinds of paints for hand-painted shoes, acrylic paints, textile paints, hand-painted special paints.
Hand-painted labor shoes shoes production process:
1. Pre-designed patterns. Beginners can draw pencil drafts on cloth shoes and pay attention to the overall layout of the pattern. For beginners, you must first practice on the paper, you can first draw the pattern you prepared on the paper, after satisfaction, and then painted on the labor insurance shoe upper.
2. Use a brush to outline the edges of the pattern. Be careful when you hook it. Do not dislocate.
3, with waterproof colorfast paint on the pattern painted on the color, the color can add a little water, do depth and deployment. The control of moisture is very important to avoid coloring. Care should be taken when coloring, when the color is not dry, it is careful to hit the upper, causing the screen to be messy.
4, according to the pattern painted on different colors, can also make the effect of color layer stacking.
5, and then hemmed, after finishing the color, once again hooked out of the pattern's edge, there is a clear pattern.
6, pattern shape processing.
7. Place in a cool place and dry naturally or dry it with a hair dryer. Such a pair of hand-painted labor insurance shoes is completed.
Often complaining about the heavy and ugly young girls in the shoes, they can try the next. China Labor Safety Net reminds everyone that hand-painted labor insurance shoes can fully demonstrate the young people's personality and the pursuit of art, but labor insurance products are still based on safety and health.

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