The last stage signed strategic cooperation with the Color Association

The last stage signed strategic cooperation with the Color Association

On April 29th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "ShangHui") and the China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Nonferrous Metals Association) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. The former director of the board of directors, the party committee's chairman Yang Maijun, and the State Council counsellor and nonferrous metals association President Chen Quanxun, deputy general manager of the last period, Ye Chunhe, and vice president of the Nonferrous Metals Association Shang Fushan attended the signing ceremony.

Chen Quanxun said that the non-ferrous metal industry is an industry with a high level of marketization and internationalization in China, and it is also an industry that has launched ** trading earlier and has a very mature market. The non-ferrous metals trading in the last period was the most influential metal trading platform in China, and non-ferrous companies were important participants. As the non-ferrous metals industry continues to grow and develop, the non-ferrous metals market has also achieved rapid development. The market scale continues to expand. The ability to serve the physical industry continues to increase, and its global influence and status have been continuously improved, forming a "realization period." A win-win situation to help the development of the industry. Over the years, the Nonferrous Metals Association has maintained long-term and good cooperation with the last period. It has researched in the industries of copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, gold, and silver, listed varieties, and recommended branding for delivery, education for investors, and nonferrous metals. New varieties, research and development, etc., have achieved very significant results.

Chen Quanxun also pointed out that through the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out deeper and more sustained forms of cooperation, especially in the development of non-ferrous industry investor education activities, and fully enhance the ability of enterprises to use **tools to make the market more ** Good service for the real economy. The Nonferrous Metals Association will fully support the in-depth research on related species in the previous period, timely introducing new varieties of tin, nickel, non-ferrous metals**, options, etc., and improve non-ferrous metal ** sequences to make new targets for non-ferrous metal industrial powers. Big contribution.

Yang Maijun introduced the steady development and operation of all colored metals** in the previous period, and affirmed the current status of non-ferrous metals** and spot industries in promoting mutual development. He said that during the more than 20 years of the establishment of China's non-ferrous metals market, thanks to the leapfrog development of the non-ferrous metals industry, China's non-ferrous metals and spot industries have achieved a win-win situation of mutual promotion and coordinated development. On the one hand, China's non-ferrous metals market has developed steadily and is operating steadily. It has become an important international market after the London Metal Exchange (LME). On the other hand, the economic function of the ** market service entity continued to play a role in promoting the sustainable development of the industry: First, the ** market promoted the formation of a market-based pricing mechanism for the non-ferrous metals industry; second, it formed a market-oriented market through the ** market. The resource allocation method has promoted the extension of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and ensured the overall production and operation efficiency of the industry. Third, the use of **tools has established a risk management platform with hedging as the core and realized the transformation of the enterprise's production and management model. The survival and development of China's non-ferrous metals companies are inseparable from the market.

Yang Maijun said that the last time the Institute has maintained close cooperation with the Nonferrous Metals Association in the development of new varieties, market training, industrial services and cooperative research. In order to further promote all-round and in-depth cooperation, the two sides decided to sign a strategic cooperation agreement on the basis of full consultation. This is another important measure to implement the Securities Regulatory Commission of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on deepening the economic spirit of the ** market service entity. With the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement and the continuous deepening of the cooperation between the two sides, the depth and breadth of the nonferrous metal industry in the market will be further enhanced. The market will promote the sustained and rapid development of China's non-ferrous metals industry and the construction of Shanghai's international financial center. In the play a more active role.

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