To ensure safety, "spirit beat"

When the subjective security awareness has blind spots, the complete system and protective measures become empty talk. Sometimes the negligence between one and the mind will lead to irretrievable losses. Therefore, to ensure safety at all times, it is necessary to carry out “spiritual tapping” from time to time. Behind many accidents, the indifference to safety awareness and ideological paralysis are the killers of accidents. Security is not a birth. It is a code of conduct that must be kept in mind and practiced. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen daily safety education and self-reflection, build up a ideological fence, and use regular “spiritual strikes” to play a role of silent and subtle influence on the basis of constantly improving one’s safety awareness.

Managers must strengthen daily safety education so that safety consciousness penetrates into our bloodstream and accompanied the DPRK and DPRK. Only by constantly accepting safety education, constantly raising ideological awareness, planting seeds of “safety” in consciousness, and constantly reminding ourselves to be able to do everything possible to prevent weaknesses and discover the weak links and hidden dangers of safety work in order to ensure safety. At the same time, we must earnestly draw lessons from the “review of vehicles ahead and learn from them” to improve safety and alertness, and conscientiously overcome the chance of safety in production work in order to effectively prevent accidents.

The safety awareness at work should be obtained through its own work practices and self-reflection. Therefore, workers should strengthen their self-reflection. Reconsideration is not a “retrospect” in the general sense, but it is a process of reflecting on one’s own work and examining and analyzing the behaviors that they have made in safety production and the resulting results. It is reflection, reflection, and exploration. And the process of solving problems in all aspects of safety production.

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