3 Ways to Remove Rust on Workwear

Wearing work clothes will inevitably lead to bumps and bumps. Metal work machines are often exposed to the work. The rust on the top of the machine, the rust on the clothes, and the difficulty in using regular laundry and liquid laundry. Thoroughly remove the mark of rust, is it because a piece of stain does not wear this overalls? The staff of the staff of Chengdu Workwear special factory will answer the following questions for you, how to remove the mark of the surface rust quickly and easily:

What if the work clothes are stained with rust stains? The following is the method to remove rust stains on clothing.

The first method: If you find that the work clothes are stained with rust stains, don't worry, just dip the work clothes into water containing 2% acetic acid and wash them with water after 23 minutes. If there are few stains, swabs can also be used. The water containing 5% acetic acid in the bowl will be wiped over the stains over and over, and the rust stains will disappear.

The second method: In addition to iron rust stains with lemon juice and salt tune into the dirt, rinse, then wash twice with water, rust can be removed.

The third method: wash with 2% oxalic acid solution in warm water at about 50°C, then rinse with clean water. After powdered with 3-4 capsules of Vitamin C, it is sprinkled on the soiled work clothes and then rinsed several times with water to remove rust stains. If it is stained with rust, use a mixture of 10% oxalic acid and citric acid plus water to soak the rust and then immerse it in concentrated salt water. Wash it after 1 day.

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