Sunglasses cannot replace child protection glasses

Summer is coming. Many parents like to buy cool sunglasses for their children, thinking that they can be beautiful and protect their eyes. As everyone knows, the sunglasses on the market can not protect the child's eyes, but also hurt the child's eyes!

First, children under 6 should not wear sunglasses

In strong sunlight, sunglasses can effectively protect our eyesight. Children's sunglasses look very cute, but children's eyes are not mature enough. If you choose and wear them improperly, protection can easily become harmful to children's eyes.

Experts pointed out that children under the age of 6 should not wear sunglasses, their visual function is often not mature, but also need more sun light stimulation, wearing sunglasses for a long time, the macular area of ​​the eye can not be effectively stimulated, will affect the further development of the vision, Severe persons may even develop amblyopia.

Poor sunglasses hurt children more

There are many cute children's style sunglasses on the market, but those are often of poor quality. Poor quality sunglasses often have poor optical performance such as light transmission, which causes children to be unclear when looking at things; at the same time, due to the rough manufacturing process, water ripples appear on the lenses, so that the sunglasses that are supposed to be flat mirrors have a degree of power. Wearing can cause children to see deformation when they see things that cause visual fatigue, damage to the eyes, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, etc., serious vision loss and other issues.

Second, children wear sunglasses, how to wear healthy?

Since children wear sunglasses easily hurt their eyes, then children can not wear sunglasses? Go to the beach to play, to the glare of outdoor activities, experts said that children can wear sunglasses, but what kind of sunglasses to wear is very important. How can parents choose and wear sunglasses to be healthy?

Teach you to choose children's sunglasses

1. Eyeglasses should be lightweight and do not add too much burden to the child's small nose and ears.

2. The spectacle frame should be smooth and strong. The child is lively and active. The rough edges may scratch the child's skin. The sudden breakage of frames during exercise may cause injury. Try to choose safe spectacle frames such as plates, plastic materials, and fewer metal frames, otherwise the child's natural nature will harm their delicate skin.

3. The color of the lens should be appropriate. If you choose dark colors and poor light filtering sunglasses, children look tired, always look hard to cause visual fatigue, long-term in the past will cause myopia. Pink, red children's glasses are not suitable for children to wear, and for the color of the lens, the first is yellow, followed by gray, brown. If you choose polarized lenses, the visuals will be more clear.

Wear details to know more

Children should not wear sunglasses for long periods of time. When there is particularly strong sunlight in the outdoors, wear it on the line and you do not need to wear it at ordinary times. It is best not to wear it when the sky is dark, so as to avoid visual objects being unclear, and affecting eyesight is also easy to risk. In addition, the baby should be taken into the room as soon as possible to remove the glasses, so that the natural contraction of the pupil, otherwise it will increase the burden on the eyes, is not conducive to eye health.

Glasses can not wear sick. For some family history of glaucoma or when the child is suffering from pink eye disease, high eye pressure, high blood pressure, it is best not to wear sunglasses. Regardless of the type of sunglasses, the entrance of light will be weakened to varying degrees. The pupils of the affected children will naturally enlarge the pupils in order to clearly see the objects. This will increase the intraocular pressure that is already high, which will easily lead to the deterioration of the condition and the appearance of red eyes. Symptoms such as vomiting, severe blindness.

Third, the summer to avoid sun damage children's eyes

Avoid sun damage during summer

Summer sunshine, with children to the beach, outdoor play should pay attention to protect his eyes. Most sandy beaches are shaded by trees. The ground gravel will reflect more sunlight into the eyes. Continuous strong light may cause damage to the retina. Therefore, it is best to wear a small sunglasses to protect children from strong light and ultraviolet radiation. In addition, due to the high local temperature of the beach and the long stay on the beach, it may increase the chance of suffering from conjunctivitis. Mother may wish to take an antibiotic eye water and ointment in case of need.

Careful allergic conjunctivitis

In the spring and summer season, pollen allergies occur frequently. Some children with allergies may experience itchy eyes and red eyes. If your child is allergic to pollen, you can only regret to stay away from the flowers. In addition to prompting the baby to use medication, let the child wash his hands when he goes out to play and go home.

Eye cleaning and care

In summer, it is recommended that children wash their face with cold water and running water every day to cleanse eye secretions. Don't stay in hot water for too long in the bath and don't create warm breeding environment for eye bacteria.

If your child has conjunctivitis, do not take the child to swim. Some parents are afraid of children conjunctivitis. It is advisable to give children eye drops to prevent them before swimming. Antibiotics do not prevent infection. Frequent abuse of antibiotics may also lead to more serious infections.

Mosquito bites eyes without applying balm

After the child's glasses are bitten by mosquitoes, they are red and swollen. What should I do? It is best not to apply bristles such as balsam, safflower oil and other highly irritating and highly mobile liniments to prevent the inflow of these irritating fluids. Eye damage is caused in the eye. It is best to use a creamy anti-inflammatory and anti-itching agent that does not irritate the skin. When applying, be careful not to apply the cream to your eyes or eyelashes.

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