14 construction projects fail to meet the standard

The Hebei Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently briefed the province on the specific conditions of construction safety production and dust control law enforcement inspections. It issued notifications of hidden dangers to 18 projects under construction that have potential safety hazards. 14 projects are under construction to address dust management problems. The project issued a notice of rectification for suspension of work.

In recent days, the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department has formed six inspection teams to conduct law enforcement inspections on the construction safety production and dust control of the 11 oil and gas administrations in the province, Dingzhou City, Xinji City, and North China Petroleum Administration Bureau. A random sample inspection method was adopted, and a total of 110 projects under construction were spot-checked, including 20 affordable housing projects.

The inspection found that some construction companies failed to ensure safe production and dust control measures. In terms of safety construction, some existing construction plans cannot be constructed with the actual site disconnected to guide the construction. The construction workers' personal protective equipment department is complete. Temporary electricity use on the construction site and erection of scaffolding do not meet current standards and regulatory requirements. In the aspect of dust control, there is a lack of coverage of bare earth at individual sites.

For construction sites with weak safety management and poor dust control, the competent authorities at all levels will increase supervision to ensure that problems are rectified according to time limits and standards. Responsible units and persons responsible for refusing to rectify will be dealt with seriously. Our province will, in accordance with relevant regulations, record the relevant responsible units involved in the shutdown project in the company's bad records.

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