Negative pressure fan before use

Negative pressure fan before use Description Negative pressure fan before use

Before using the negative pressure fan, the negative pressure fan should be tested before starting normal operation after installation. Check whether the parts are normal during operation, check whether the louver bed can be opened and closed normally, and check whether there is foreign matter inside the machine. Etc. Here is a detailed description of this process:

1. After the installation of the fan, the machine should be tested first. When the test machine is closed, the switch is quickly separated and the reversal is determined.

If there is any abnormality, if there is a reversal, exchange any two line positions for adjustment. Positive and negative adjustments are made again

Turn on the fan to observe whether there is any abnormality in operation, any abnormal noise, excessive noise, and vibration are problems of the fan.

The performance should be stopped, and the machine should be re-tested after the repair is completed.

2. Turn on the fan during the test machine or during use. If the fan cannot be started, the switch should be quickly disconnected. Usually the electricity is

The power supply phase loss caused by the road and the power supply will cause the motor phase to burn out if the switch is not disconnected. After the circuit is repaired

After the test, try again.

3. If abnormal noise, abnormal noise, small air volume, overheating of the motor, etc. are found during use, stop immediately.

Use it again, and try again after troubleshooting. In order to avoid serious damage to the fan due to small faults


4. Check if the blinds are open and closed smoothly. Keep the blinds clean, clean the blinds regularly, and when cleaning

Be sure to stop the fan operation to ensure safety. Blinds that are not cleaned for a long time are affected by excessive dust adhesion

Venting effect.

5. Clean the dust on the inner wall of the fan glass fiber reinforced plastic, the fan blades, the motor and the support frame according to the situation.

Exhaust air resistance affects the heat dissipation effect of the motor.

6. Clean up the foreign objects such as petite bags and pearl cotton in the suction fan in time, and the foreign objects hang on the fan parts to generate noise.

Affect the exhaust.

7. When the fan is rotating, it is strictly forbidden to extend any body parts and objects into the blinds or protective cover to repair and clean the wind.

The machine must be carried out with the fan completely stopped. Safety instructions should be made during maintenance and cleaning to prevent

Someone accidentally turned on the accident such as a fan.

8. For long hair or clothing, it is strictly forbidden to approach the fan to avoid accidents caused by hair or clothing inhaling the fan.

In the test machine, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, do not operate in violation of the rules, so as to avoid accidents.

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