DIY background wall - how to hang a photo wall

Every photo has beautiful stories and wonderful memories. The photo wall in the home will help you show these photos that carry important memories of the family. In addition to hanging pictures on the walls with picture frames, photo walls can also be transformed into hand-painted photo walls. The photo wall is a home photo decoration combination wall that has only been popular in recent years. The selection of the photo wall must be based on the harmony between the home style design and the picture style to be hung. Various kinds of themed photo walls with various forms and materials are becoming the places where house decoration can best reflect individuality. How to hang photo wall? This is a question that many netizens are confused about. How do you hang on to look good and how do you hang on to art? What is the hanging method? Let's take a look!

Photo wall design

Neatly hanged, rules and regulations are straightforward. It can be imagined that the owner of the photo wall in the home must be a rigorous and traditional person! However, it is undeniable that such a regulated photo wall seems to have the “standard beauty” of a military queue team!


The disorderly arrangement is hung on the wall. This is also an art. It cannot be denied that "messy beauty" is also a kind of beauty! Although such a photo wall is awkward at first glance, it has a breath of life.


Spreading the walls, this is a bold approach that will make people feel the maverick shock. The first reaction to this wall is shock, then, it is the capacity is great! Too practical to have wood!


Large in the middle, small random arrangement around the big, close to. This is a kind of arrangement between order and disorder. The center point spreads out. There are different kinds of ornaments, such as keys, which have a different kind of charm! These frames are mainly black, white, and brown. The overall color tone agrees that there will be no gaudy vulgarity. Such a chaotic and orderly arrangement, with a certain rule among them, is even more appealing!


Combine them into a pattern that makes the photo the focus of the material. Heart-shaped shape, there are some fresh and unique sense of literature and art!

Photo wall conventional installation method

1. First, the photo or picture is put into the blank photo frame, and the photo frame with the picture or the photo is ready.

2. Use an imitation nail to fix the drawing template on the wall. After the position is fixed, it is best to use transparent glue to avoid shifting. Pay attention to the drawings must be level not tilted, drawings should be flattened pressed against the wall, do not wrinkle the arch drum.

3, the plastic hook in accordance with the template above the circle nailed to the wall, do not let the drawing when the hammer hit the hook loose, shift.

4, after all the hooks are fixed, carefully tear the drawings, as far as possible not to damage, there is no drawings you do not know what position to hang the specifications of the picture frame, hanging or hanging. Lay the drawings on the floor and you can see which photo frame is in which position.

5. After all the photo frames are hung up, look at what pictures and photos are placed. With proper personalities and tastes, make appropriate adjustments. Harmony is the key.

6, after a good picture and photo frame position, and then use the spirit level to check whether the placement of each photo frame with the ground level, there is not level can be adjusted properly.

Photo wall cleaning and maintenance

Although the photo wall is very nice, it is also inseparable from the usual decoration and maintenance, the cleaning of photo frames and the cleanliness of the background walls are all meticulous activities. We now take a look at how the photo wall is clean and maintained before it can be beautiful!

First, the maintenance of the photo wall

1, first need to regularly vacuum, it should be noted that the type of suction head to replace the vacuum cleaner, as long as the daily found as soon as possible to wipe with a towel, the water resistant wall can be first scrubbed with water, and then dry with a dry towel. For a wall that is not water resistant, use a towel to wipe some of the liquid and wring it. After all, it is necessary to remove the dirt in time. Otherwise, it will leave permanent marks for a long time and cannot be completely cleaned in the future.

2. Care must be taken when cleaning to prevent the photos from falling off.

3, the best choice in a relatively clean, not too heavy moisture place the layout of the photo wall, the photo should be used to pick up the frame.

Second, the cleaning of the photo wall

1. Regularly use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, otherwise it will take too long and too much dust will be difficult to handle.

2. When a stain is found, use a towel and clear water to clean it. Remember to wring out the towel. Remember not to cover the wet towel directly on the wall.

3, the photo on the wall can be gently wiped with a tissue or towel, if not a lot of dust, it is best not to use water. When using water, remember to wring the towel so as not to damage the quality of the photo.

Editor's Note: Art is colorful. In addition to the above focused arrangement, for a friend who is accustomed to DIY by himself, he can also create a simple photo wall by himself. The sense of accomplishment cannot be expressed in words. In addition to purchasing some ready-made photo wall frames, and then creating a very personal style photo wall, the combination of the two will have a very intent to achieve. After reading the design method and installation method of this article, have you been eager for your photo wall?

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