Analysis of Power Informatization Development Needs Attention


China's power informatization is an extremely important content in the construction of China's smart grid, and it is also an important means to realize the intelligence of China's power grid. At the same time, with the continuous deepening of the smart grid engineering, the integration of information and electricity has become more in-depth. From the current point of view, the degree of enterprise informatization has become an important way for power companies to face new market competition, improve corporate management, and improve employee productivity. It can thus be seen that in the issue of enterprise reform, how to use information technology to optimize the industrial organization of the enterprise and thus improve the company's core competitiveness has played an important role for the enterprise.

1. The status quo of the development of China's power informatization

In the process of informatization, China's smart grid integrates the original industrial system platform with the ongoing one and the system, thus realizing efficient information exchange and operation among application systems. It is an organically formed main body that can realize interoperability and interconnection within the power grid. It scientifically and rationally integrates three important grid information information flow, power flow, and business flow to meet increasingly fierce market competition and rapid changes. Business situation changes.

At present, the level of China's electric power informatization is constantly developing and maturing. China's electric power companies have carried out reforms in varying degrees of informatization at different levels, and have also achieved good results, but analogous to foreign counterparts, we We will find that we still have many problems that need to be solved. For example, in the aspect of enterprise management, SOA and MIS management systems that can basically cover enterprise management have been built, and office automation can be basically realized. Through information construction and information management, we can basically achieve information exchange and circulation at all levels within the power companies in China, and improve the efficient management of Chinese enterprises. It is an efficient and scientific enterprise operation.

Through the above, we can see that information technology has penetrated into power production, power marketing, and power management, and has made significant achievements. Through the following data to make it clear: At present, China has built more than 70,000 kilometers of telecommunication optical fiber cable, microwave communication line has reached more than 80,000 kilometers. China's power dispatch data network has achieved significant achievements after the construction of the third phase of the project; China's power company information network was also established in 1998 and passed, and access to the Internet. It is equipped with a computer monitoring system for power stations with large installed capacity.

2. Some contents that China's electric power companies need to pay attention to in the process of informatization

The informationization reform of China's development of power companies started relatively late and encountered many problems in the development process. There are many aspects that require our attention.

2.1 Integration of Information Platform Construction

The so-called information integration refers to an application system that can realize the integration of information transmission, processing, storage, integration, and performance. In the establishment of the information integration system, we must rationally distribute according to its purpose, and ensure that the information resources are managed in a centralized manner in accordance with the requirements of enterprise management, and that different information resources are conducted according to the specific requirements of different departments. distribution. Among the important points in the construction of an information integration platform is the use of infrastructure such as servers, networks, and storage, as well as information exchange and transmission software platforms to build resource virtualization, vertical scalability, and stable operation for power enterprise business platforms. , Efficient management of the integrated operating environment and information exchange management, display platform construction.

The integration of information platform construction can be described as the following: First, the power companies set up a power dispatching data network to be able to collect and obtain information on the use of electricity in China, and detailed production data, and secondly, establish a data processing center server. The specific content of power data is classified and collected according to the different types of data. Once again, the data processing center server is established, and then the power data is classified and collected according to the data type. These types mainly include: structured data, unstructured data, Grid space data and real-time data. Afterwards, the information integration system is used to classify information integration. Finally, users can enter the information integration platform through multiple channels. These channels can be: identity verification, visualization channels, search capabilities, and so on.

2.2 Integrated Planning for Business Applications of Power Companies

The business application integration plan of the power company includes the relationship between the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the entire life cycle of the company's internal assets, and has achieved the management of high-efficiency fine art throughout the entire asset process. At the same time, while ensuring that the grid group is in a safe state, it will increase the output of the grid's assets and the efficiency of its use, thereby reducing the costs of the entire process of corporate funds.

In the early stage of planning and planning, it is necessary to realize the internal data link of the business, to achieve the data connection integration between the power grid planning, pre-management, and investment plans as much as possible. At the same time, it is also necessary to complete planned business application and asset management, asset strategy Information management such as management, asset operation management, distributed energy management, and power load management.

In the later stage of project management, it is necessary to realize the integrated relationship between project management, power grid planning, investment planning, and other aspects of invention, and realize the information and communication of project planning and construction of real-time information. The contents include the integrated planning between project management and material production, transportation, use, and financial management; data sharing between project management, fund management, equipment management, and project management; and management and integration of construction projects and economic and legal aspects. , to achieve the organic coordination of contract management; coordination of integrated project planning, management, construction, and other aspects of data integration management and sharing, in order to achieve the grid company projects can be completed smoothly, on time and quality, to achieve the maximum use of economic and efficiency.

3. Construction of Information Security System

With the advent of the Internet age, information security has become a problem we have been widely concerned about. At the same time, for China's power companies, information security is also very important for business development. Therefore, the establishment of a corporate information security system is also very urgent. Specifically, the information security of the enterprise can be maintained by professionals, and network firewalls must be strictly established to ensure that no computer viruses like Trojans are infringed upon.


Through the above analysis, it can be concluded that there are still many areas where we need to work hard for the development of China's power companies. We should continue to learn and develop the informationization of power companies.

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