Which are the fungicide products commonly used in jujube?

Fungicides for controlling plant diseases caused by various pathogenic microorganisms of a pesticide, usually as chemical control of various types of pathogenic microorganisms, collectively, an economical use of fungicides for controlling plant diseases is an effective method.
The main function of the fungicide is to introduce the immune function, remove the chemical substance to improve the disease resistance of the plant; protect the function, that is, spray the bacteria before the plant is infected to prevent the invasion of the bacteria; the therapeutic function, spray the sterilization after the plant is susceptible to the disease Agent to kill and destroy pathogens.
Jujube trees often use fungicides in the growth management process. Which are the fungicide products commonly used in jujube trees ?
Jujube commonly used fungicide products are: tebuconazole , potassium permanganate, carbendazim , stone sulfur mixture, Bordeaux liquid, flusilazole and other fungicides.
Fungicides can treat pests and diseases, more than several fungicides pesticides can better control jujube common diseases.

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