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FAG bearing information

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The function of the rolling bearing depends largely on its data function. FAG usually uses low-alloy, high-purity, all-hardened chrome steel as the material for bearing rings and rollovers. It accepts high impact loads and alternating bending stresses. Bearings; the use of carburized steel. These years; because of the continuous improvement of the quality of bearing steel (of course, the price is also rising); FAG has been able to greatly improve the bearing capacity of its bearings. Research results and practical experience have proved that today's standard rolling bearing steel Bearings produced; in the case of outstanding sleekness, environmental sanitation and low load; now able to reach infinite fatigue strength. The heat treatment process of FAG rolling bearing ring and roll body ensures that the bearing is within 150 degrees; the scale is stable. Operating temperature; special heat treatment is required. If the bearing is used in a corrosive environment, the bearing steel is required to be corrosive. The stainless steel specification bearing is prefixed with "S" and suffix "W203B". The primary dimension and load bearing capacity of the bearing and the hardened bearing steel bearing are the same. In order to adhere to its corrosion resistance; in the device and transport The appearance of the process can not be damaged. FAG produces silicon nitride balls for ceramic spindle bearings. Ceramic balls are much lighter than steel balls; centrifugal force and conflict are also significantly smaller than steel balls. This kind of bearing can still reach when the grease is smooth. Extremely high speed; and long service life; low operating temperature.
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