Children's room paint selection points

Children's room paint selection points

1. When the paint is selected for non-toxic air to circulate and decorate the children's room, the most basic item is ventilation. Establish an appropriate air circulation alternation mechanism to keep indoor ventilation in circulation, ensuring smooth breathing and fresh air.

The choice of wall paint should be remembered not to be petty, remember to choose good quality and reputable brands, and to ensure that 100% no odor, raw materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic products, the harmful heavy metals, formaldehyde or benzene, etc. odor isolation in life Space outside.

2, the wall is not moldy and wet not afraid of if the area of ​​residence is lack of sunshine, wet and rainy, the choice of paint should also be able to prevent moisture and mildew, not easy to nourish mold.

Moisture can be adjusted on the wall itself. Mold cannot adhere and proliferate. The wall will not appear unpleasant and harmful mold blocks for a long time. It will ensure that the home environment is comfortable and the space for children's activities is healthier and safer.

3, children love to paint the wall to rub child energetic, like the touch of the East touch, graffiti everywhere. Therefore, paints for wall paints should be made of products that are easy to clean and do not come off, so as to prevent children from entering the body through the oral cavity after touching and harming health.

In addition, the paint should be less likely to adhere to dirt and be resistant to scrubbing for a long time. Especially on the wall surface, it is best to clean it easily and keep the original bright color once it is stained. Satisfy your child's healthy nature and care for its healthy growth.

4, furniture brush wood paint beautiful and safe In addition to the walls, children's rooms in the best wooden furniture painted brush wood coating. Sometimes because children do not use it, the paint on the surface of wooden furniture fades, and it is always a pity to lose it and buy it again.

Selecting a special waterborne wood paint coating can easily solve the annoyance of children's exposure to toxic substances. What's more, the furniture is coated with a protective film, which can resist the damage caused by improper friction, make the furniture lasting as new, and the paint surface is not easy to peel off, to prevent children from accidentally eating after touching, and adults can be more at ease.

In short, when buying children's paint, be sure to not be greedy and cheap, look at the brand and merchant qualification before buying, and then look at the product environmental protection test report. Finally, try to make the smell of the paint radiate a little faster during use. After the renovation is proposed, it is better to stay for a month or two and pay more attention to ventilation to disperse the indoor taste.

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