Small apartment entrance design should pay attention to what elements?

In the modern home, the entrance is the first impression that everyone enters the entire home. For those who can only have small-sized houses, rational use of the small space of the entrance can also play a significant role in home storage. So how to design a small family entrance more practical? The following Xiaobian to introduce it to everyone.

1, small apartment entrance partition protection privacy

The entrance is a visual barrier at the entrance to prevent outsiders from seeing the entire room at the door; at the same time, it is also the room for maneuvering when the family enters and exits. The establishment of small family entrances should fully consider the relationship with the overall space, so that the entrance area and the guest area have a good combination and transition, should allow people enough room for action.

2, easy access and try to hide items

The entrance should fully consider the basic functionality of its settings, such as changing shoes, placing umbrellas, placing small objects, etc., but at the same time, we must also consider how to “hidden” these items.

3, still hold a partial cover

Small-sized apartment entrance design should try to cover and not die, that is, visually should feel transparent, do not let people feel depressed. The entrance should be "having a partial cover" with respect to the entire space, giving the visitor sufficient room for imagination and recollection.

4, the material should be simple and neat

The use of materials and colors should be as simple as possible, giving people a natural and relaxing feeling.

5. Flexible decision entrance area

When designing the entrance, it should be subject to the needs of use and space, depending on the actual area and needs of each family. Not every family can make a very complete entrance. Sometimes just putting a soft cushion on the entrance, putting on a bench for changing shoes, or putting on a coat rack can serve as an entrance.

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