Feng Shui position of the entrance cabinet

First, enter the entrance porch azimuth Feng Shui

1, the position of the shoe

The direction of the entrance cabinet should also be taken into account. If the head of a family is engaged in civilian work, it is better to place the shoe in the position of the family in the southeast, and the blue collar worker and other workers who make a living by working should be placed in positions in the military. The northwest side is the most favorable one, which can help the business to climb further. The above directions apply for many years, and do not need to be converted every year.

2, the position of the shoe

The shoe cabinet is best placed on the right side of the entrance (left and right when the person goes out), Zuo Qinglong, right white tiger, put the shoe on the white tiger's fierce position can just catch the vicious, bring good luck to family members.

Second, the entrance porch shoe size, color and number of shoes

1, the color of the shoe

The color of the shoe cabinet is best not to choose a large red color, which means “out of sight” and is not good for family members.

2, the size of the shoe

Shoe cabinets should not be too high. If the height of the house is divided into three parts, the top one is "genius", the middle one is "talent", and the bottom one is "talent". The range will infringe upon talents, which means that the shoe can only reach the height of one-third of the height of the house entrance.

3, the number of layers of shoes

Shoe cabinets are mostly multi-layered in order to display more shoes. The best is five layers. Five layers correspond to five elements. The coexistence of the five elements helps the development of the family and works down-to-earth. If there are too many five layers, it can be less than five layers. However, it must not exceed five levels. More than five floors are likely to infringe upon “talent”, which is a taboo.

4, the shoe should be on the ground

The shoe should be on the ground, shoes are down-to-earth, and shoes are the foundation of people. If it is suspended in the air, there is a feeling that it is not practical. And this will easily lead to sprains, falls, and the like when the owner walks.

5, the number of shoes placed on each floor

Each pair of shoes is best placed five pairs of shoes to achieve the balance of the five elements.

Third, the door entrance cabinet should not be placed

1, entrance porch Shoe cabinet should not be in front of entry

Because most shoe cabinets in the home are designed at the entrance of the entrance, the entrance cabinet is like this, but in the feng shui taboo of the entrance cabinet, remember to not put the shoe cabinet at the entrance, place the shoe cabinet as much as possible. The left side of the entry.

2, the entrance cabinet light should not be too dark

The lights in the entrance cabinet can mediate the health and wealth of the family. The light should not be too dark nor too bright, otherwise it will come in glare and affect the nerves. Should not be too dark, fly away will find shame, luck decline. Lamps should be better than a radius, not triangle lamp type.

3, do not rely on shoe cabinets placed to avoid

It is not advisable to place the cabinet in an independent, independent position. The shoes must also be attached.

4, the tip of the shoe is not suitable for people

Place the shoe on the toe tip and point it toward you. In addition, the modern and popular pointed shoes, the toe is best placed inside the cabinet, otherwise, each time you open the shoe to take shoes, the tip of the shoe facing their own, forming a fire, over time, harmful to health.

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