Dye prices have gained an important driving force

Dye prices have gained an important driving force

Recently, there has been a new turning point in the dye industry, which is that the price of reduced intermediates of dye intermediates has risen sharply, mainly because Ningxia Mingsheng old factory area was permanently closed due to illegal discharge of pollutants into the desert. Although the new plant is expected to be put into use in October this year, people in the industry believe that production may be lower than expected. Therefore, the prices of reduced products rose rapidly from less than 40,000 yuan/ton to 100,000 yuan/ton. Since the reductant accounts for nearly 10% of the cost of disperse dyes, the rise in reductants may drive a new wave of rising prices for dyes. Affected by this, hot money began to pay attention to the dye sector again. Zhejiang Longsheng and Bauxite stocks topped the list, driving the dye coating index to rise by 3.17%.

It can be seen that with the increase in pollution control efforts, high-polluting products have become the focus of environmental protection agencies and media. Therefore, SMEs with high-pollution products in the future may withdraw from the market, resulting in highly polluting products. The industry has seen the supply side shrink. However, due to the downstream demand still exists, for example, the downstream of the dye is fabric, China is still the country's largest textile and garment country. In this way, the supply gap of dye products appears, and the price of the product is expected to fluctuate. Therefore, the profitability of listed companies in the dye coating industry is still expected to continue to increase, thus boosting the stock price focus in its secondary market.

This fact also showed to market participants that the main line of product price increase is expected to once again become the focus of hot money. After all, in the first quarter of this year, it was the rise of the dye-paint concept stocks, and the A-share market set off a wave of hype for product prices. , Longxing Chemicals, Black Cat shares of carbon black products, Yanggu Huatai of rubber additives, Jianxin shares of dye intermediates, Fluoride of titanium dioxide, Jindawei of vitamin series, etc. The re-emergence of dyestuffs concept stocks, the main line of product price increase is also expected to become the focus of market attention.

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