Collecting energy with chewing to generate electricity allows you to eat without wasting resources

According to media reports, using chewing and collecting energy to generate electricity is environmentally friendly and convenient. Canadian engineers have designed a chin tow that allows people to collect energy by chewing and then convert it into electricity. Researchers say the device may one day replace the batteries used in gadgets such as hearing aids and headphones.

Collect energy with chewing to generate electricity, let you eat and not waste resources

In the future, it is possible to charge electronic devices such as hearing aids and Bluetooth headsets by chewing.

The model is made of a "smart" material that produces electricity when it stretches, but it needs to be 20 times more powerful to generate enough electricity. Researchers say they can achieve this by accumulating layers of material. Their research has been published in the Smart Materials and Structures section of the Institute of Physics.

Dr. Aidin Delnavaz and Dr. Jeremie Voix, mechanical engineers in Montreal, Canada, said that the movement of the chin is a promising way to harvest natural energy. They have been working on audio technology research, such as earmuffs and electronic cochlea, and they are eager to apply this device to reduce the reliance on disposable batteries.

Dr. Voix said, “We have tried all the available energy, including the heat found in the ear canal, the energy produced by the head movement, which may be similar to the way energy is supplied to the electronic watch through wrist movements,” Dr. Voix said. During the course of the study we realized that if your chin has some protective devices, then these devices obviously consume a lot of energy."

So he and Dr. Delnavaz decided to try to get energy from the chin activity through the “piezoelectric effect”. A charge is obtained when certain materials are compressed or stretched. According to Dr. Delnavaz, this chin rest will eventually become very comfortable. He wore this prototype for hours and he never received any restrictions on his chewing and talking. Although the research team has been in contact with companies interested in the new Bluetooth headset charging technology, the technology is still far from practical.

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