Decoration newcomer welfare home improvement wall acceptance strategy

Wall acceptance is one of the most important items for home improvement acceptance. Care must be taken when accepting it. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome if you find the problem after you check in. Below the Suzhou home network Xiaobian for everyone to come to detail the wall painting, wall tiles and wallpaper acceptance points, let's take a look! ? ? ? ?

First, the wall painting acceptance strategy

Whether the effect of wall painting is fine, not falling off, and not mildew depends mainly on the quality of the coating and the construction technology, especially the treatment technology of the wall base. Therefore, the wall surface finish should be checked from the base layer. When it has not been painted, it should be checked and accepted again. After painting, it should be checked again.

Home improvement wall acceptance strategy

Acceptance of the base layer of the wall: The treatment of the base layer is the key link to ensure the quality of the construction. It is the most basic condition to ensure that the wall is completely dry. Because the cement is the mortar of the bonding material, it is strongly alkaline before it is hardened. At this time, the latex is applied. The paint must be anti-alkali. When the cement mortar is hardened, the alkaline value is greatly reduced, and the latex paint can be applied at this time. Drying time varies depending on climatic conditions and should generally be placed for more than 10 days. The wall surface must be flat. At least the putty should be scraped twice. If it still fails to meet the standard, it should be scraped to meet the standard requirements.

Home improvement wall acceptance strategy

Acceptance of wall paint film: The type and color of the material used for latex paint are in accordance with the design requirements. The color of the painted surface is the same. It is not allowed to have quality defects such as through the ground, leaking brush, falling powder, skin alkali, peeling and biting. . When spraying with a spray gun, the spray point is even and even, no skin phenomenon is allowed, no flow is allowed, the hand touch paint film is smooth, no powder is removed, doors and windows, lamps, furniture, etc. are clean, no paint marks.

Acceptance points and standards:

1, should stand at 1.5m away from the wall, no blisters, bite, flow, color, and bottom.

2, should be painted evenly, firmly bonded, not leaking, through the bottom, peeling and anti-rust.

Paint surface quality inspection

Home improvement wall acceptance strategy

Note on coating construction: Rolling is used in a large area, and a hand brush is used in the corners, which improves the painting efficiency and ensures the quality of the painting. During the construction, the latex paint must be fully stirred before use. When color matching, choose alkali-resistant and light-resistant colorant to be mixed with the paint liquid. Do not mix the paint with dry color powder. The latex paint with the color paste should be stirred for at least 5 minutes to make the color smooth before construction.

Second, the wall tile acceptance points

The wall decoration of kitchens and bathrooms is mainly based on tile paving, and the wall tiles should be flat, solid and tidy. There are several steps and standards for the acceptance of wall tile construction.

Acceptance criteria for wall tiles

Home improvement wall acceptance strategy

Wall tile acceptance steps:

Home improvement wall acceptance strategy

Third, the wallpaper paving acceptance points

Paving wallpaper is a wall decoration method that many consumers like, because it has the advantages of convenient construction, easy replacement, and more choices in color. The wall surface of the wallpaper is most important to be smooth, compliant, and there are no gaps in the pattern intersection.

Wallpaper acceptance criteria:

1. The surface of the wallpaper and wall covering after painting should be flat and the color should be consistent. There should be no ripples, bubbles, cracks, wrinkles and stains. There should be no glue marks when squinting;

2, wallpaper, wall covering and various decorative lines, equipment line boxes should be handed over;

3, the edges of wallpapers and wall coverings should be straight and tidy, and there must be no paper hair or flying thorns;

4, wallpaper, wall covering the corner of the corner should be smooth, the corner should be no seam;

Wallpaper acceptance method: After the wallpaper is finished, the visual paper standing at 1.5 meters has no obvious seams or is not obvious; the flowers are neat; the plaque is firm, no seams, empty drums, curled edges, wrinkles, stains, Burrs, glue marks and indentations; no seams at the yin and yang angles.

Home improvement wall acceptance strategy

There is also a situation that needs attention. Some wallpapers can be seen against the strong light, because of the pattern or color. This is unavoidable. Light-colored or coarse-grained styles basically have no such problems in terms of visual effects.

Note on paving the wallpaper: When you start to affix the wallpaper, for the seams, the two sides of the adjacent wallpaper are squeezed together to make them match, then the seam is pressed with the scraper, and the extruded glue is cleaned. After the wallpaper is attached, use the scraper to flatten the wallpaper from top to bottom.

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