Bathroom shower room installation skills

Nowadays, the living standard has improved and more and more shower rooms have been installed in the bathroom. The advantage is that not only the space occupancy rate is low, but also the overall environment of the bathroom can be well maintained. However, the explosion of the shower room has also appeared frequently, and installation may be a very important aspect of the problem. How to install the shower room correctly and safely, come and learn with Xiaobian!

Bathroom shower room installation

Install the bottom basin: combine the bottom part and adjust the level of the bottom basin to ensure that there is no water in the basin or the bottom of the basin. The hose can be telescoped with distance, and the bottom of the basin is firmly connected to the floor drain.

Test and protection: After installation, test water test is needed to ensure unimpeded water flow. Fourth, find a position, punch: use a pencil, level to determine the drilling position of the wall aluminum, punch with a hammer drill.

Install the aluminum: Knock on the rubber in the hole and lock the aluminum bar to the wall with a screw.

Fixing the glass: Lock the glass to the hole in the bottom basin and fix it with screws.

Install the top tube: Find the corresponding position drill hole above the fixed glass, install the (straight/oblique) fixing seat and connect the top tube. Secure it to the top of the glass with a bent sleeve.

Installation rack: Align the position of the mounting frame, tighten the plate nut, and fix the laminated glass to maintain vertical and horizontal. Be careful to waterproof under the fixed glass of aluminum.

Install the movable door: Install the hardware of the movable door and install the hinges at the reserved holes of the fixed door. After installation, adjust the position of the shaft of the lotus leaf until the door feels the best.

Waterproof: Install suction strips or water retaining strips on the side or below the glass as required. Use aluminum mesh to seal the seam between the aluminum and the wall, glass and bottom basin.

Commissioning and fastening: Check whether all parts are comfortable and smooth, and find problems in time. After adjusting, tighten the corresponding screws to make the whole shower room firmer.

Finishing work: The decorative aluminum strip is stuck in the wall-mounted aluminum material to ensure that the appearance is neat and generous. Finally, wipe the entire shower room with a rag.

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