Traction molecular pump working principle and structure

Traction molecular pump mainly refers to the gas molecules collide with high-speed rotor to obtain kinetic energy, with high-speed movement of the rigid body surface to carry gas molecules and make it move in a certain direction is called the phenomenon of molecular traction . People often refer to the molecular pump invented by Gade as a traction molecular pump. Understanding how it works is significant for using and researching such products. Traction molecular pump Next mainly describes the working principle of traction molecular pump: traction pump cavity rotor molecular pump has a rotor, surrounded by a rotor with a groove and separated by a baffle. Each groove is equivalent to a single-stage molecular pump, the inlet of the next stage is connected to the outlet of the previous stage. There is a 0.01mm gap between the rotor and the pump housing. Gas molecules from the entrance into the pump chamber, carried by the rotor to the outlet side, the exhaust pipe by the forepump pumping. The advantages of traction molecular pump start-up time is short, in the molecular flow state has a high compression ratio, can remove all kinds of gas and steam, especially for pumping heavier gases. Traction molecular pump inlet pressure of 1Pa, the special structure can exceed 1Pa, and can exhaust to the atmosphere, such a pump is not suitable for repeated rapid exhaust, only suitable for continuous exhaust after roughing. Due to the low exhaust volume, easy to get stuck, so traction molecular pump less. To sum up, the working principle of the molecular pump is not complicated. The user can select the products he needs according to his working principle. The producer can improve the product's competitiveness by improving the working principle. In general, with the continuous improvement of China's industrial level, how to improve the competitiveness of products and the market share is very necessary. Traction molecular pump after years of continuous development, has laid a very solid foundation, I believe that with the market demand, traction molecular pump tomorrow will be more beautiful. Related Articles: Molecular vacuum pump working principle and structure diagram Roots vacuum pump working principle and structure

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