Silicon Valley in the United States welcomes "robot security" to carry out security

Is there a robot that gives you security, is it safer? Silicon Valley in the United States has recently ushered in "robot security," a 1.5-meter-high robot equipped with speakers and a series of sensors that perform patrol security checks. It is reported that the robot security was developed by a robot company in Mountain View, California.

Called "Knightscope," the robot is designed to detect suspicious behavior and alert controllers. The design firm says the robot will eventually patrol in malls, offices, and even neighbors, and is expected to reduce crime rates by 50%. As you can imagine, a friend is monitoring, listening, exploring and smelling the surroundings, tirelessly monitoring the company or neighbors, and keeping your family in a safe state.

The robot is 1.5 meters high, 0.914 meters long, 0.813 meters wide and weighs 136 kilograms. It is equipped with surveillance cameras, sensors, odour detectors, thermal imaging systems and scanners. When it is patrolling, the distance is calculated using laser and GPS.

According to reports, robot security combines many functions, including: laser scanning, wheel rotary encoder, inertial measurement, GPS, fully autonomous operation and automatic charging. At the same time, it can also be used as an odor detector to monitor the gas pollution passing through. Using the camera, you can remember 300 car brands in one minute and monitor traffic conditions.

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