How to repair lubricated bearings

Repair method for lubricated bearings: The lubricant inside the lubricated bearings can be roughly divided into oil and grease.

Preparation: dry towel, sharp tongs, bearing cleaning night, bearing lubricant or grease.

1. Drying: Take the bearing out of the cleaning solution, and wipe off the cleaning solution with a dry towel, then dry it in a cool place.

2, bearing cleaning fluid: soak the bearing in the bearing cleaning fluid bought in the market, and shake it, the foreign objects inside the bearing will be shaken out, and some supermarkets buy ultrasonic cleaning machine is also very helpful in removing foreign bodies. .

3. Inject the lubricant according to the trend to inject grease or oil into the bearing, cover the cover and reattach the C-shaped ring.

4. Remove the C-shaped ring and the cover: wipe off the dirt outside the bearing with a dry towel, then use the pointed pliers to lift the side of the C-shaped ring and take the C-shaped ring and the cover.

5. Detection: The bearing that has been assembled into the original state is rotated several times after grasping the inner ring with fingers.

Other methods: 1, improve gear accuracy. 2, increase the resistance, choose a lubricant with a large viscosity. 3. Adjust the gap. 4. Grinding gears to improve the precision of the meshing.

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Label: How to repair lubricated bearings

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