Furniture sales are ready to go, merchants, consumers are looking forward to welcome the National Day

Every year in September is the peak period of the handover. For the merchants, the National Day Golden Week naturally becomes the best time for the final battle market. For the consumers who are preparing for the decoration, in addition to the preferential attraction, there is plenty of time for the National Day Golden Week. Run decorative companies, visit the building materials store, therefore, this Golden Week, businesses and owners have their own expectations.
The business is full of strength, all kinds of promotional activities are ready to send "Golden September and Silver 10" has always been a good time for merchants "gold rush", so as soon as September, all major furniture stores have launched various promotions, such as the audience 8.8 fold, Send a gift package, sample furniture specials, etc. As early as the Mid-Autumn Festival, many home building materials businesses are gearing up, such as holding signing conferences, opening discounts, anniversary celebrations and other promotional activities, wanting to use the Mid-Autumn Festival to launch the "Golden September and Silver 10" first shot, but most people in the Mid-Autumn Festival are busy reunion, looking forward to National Day Due to factors such as the promotion of the Golden Week, the sales of major stores and stores did not appear to be imaginary, and at most the weekend was peaceful.
At the moment, the National Day Golden Week is coming, the merchants are more rugged, and they have come up with an annual discount to prepare for the final battle in October. The home building materials consumption spray well will break out during the National Day Golden Week. Since September, various major furniture stores have launched various promotional activities. Such as the audience 8.8 fold, send a gift package, sample furniture specials. According to the owner of some furniture stores, there are many people who have been married in the “Eleventh”. In order to dress up their new homes, more and more people are buying new furniture this month.
Compared with previous years, this year's furniture market sales decline, industry analysts believe that the most important reason is that consumers have a wait-and-see attitude towards the real estate market, affecting the furniture market. In order to make a turnaround in the "Eleven", many businesses have launched various promotions.
In a furniture store in Longkun South Road, a person in charge of the counter said that compared with previous years, the market appeared weak this year, and furniture sales fell a lot. Referring to the reasons, the person in charge said that there is a certain relationship with the downturn in the property market, and the competition in the furniture industry is also an important reason. Referring to the upcoming National Day, he said: "In one year, when the furniture market is the hottest, it is also "May 1st", "Eleventh", New Year's Day, shopping malls and manufacturers have profit-making activities, hoping to make a turnaround. ”
Consumers are mostly wait and see attitudes, waiting for the national holiday to be discounted According to the owner of some furniture stores, "11" married a lot of people, in order to dress up new homes, more and more people buy new furniture this month. However, compared with previous years, the sales volume of the furniture market has declined this year. The industry analysts believe that the most important reason is that consumers have a wait-and-see attitude towards the real estate market and affect the furniture market.
Recently, the author visited and found that many owners use the weekend to go to the building materials store to do their homework. Most of them are sincere and have a plan to compare, but the intention to place an order is not too high. "Don't worry, there is time to visit the building materials store on the weekend. First understand the market, compare a few more, and believe that the National Day Golden Week, businesses will have more powerful promotions." Miss Li is buying a bathroom with her boyfriend Tell the author. It is understood that many consumers hold the same wait-and-see attitude as Ms. Wang, and believe that National Day Golden Week has the strongest promotion. If it is not a non-buy product, or willing to wait until the National Day Golden Week to buy.
“My friend bought the building materials needed for the decoration during the National Day promotion last year. He compared it. It is really very affordable. He also won the air-conditioning award. This year, my decoration is also going to be shot when the National Day concessions are the biggest. Now the price is rising. It’s a bit of a savings.” Miss Chen, who is working on the renovation, said.
Industry insiders reminded that the biggest attraction of sample furniture is the price. Don't be confused by the comparison of the specials on the merchant label. It is best to compare it with other similar furniture to judge whether it is really affordable. At the same time, when purchasing samples, you can ask if there is any new goods. If there are several stocks, it is not excluded that the merchants are selling in the name of “samples”. In fact, there is no discount on the price. Moreover, it is recommended that the consumer select a sample and make a mark in the concealed place, and agree with the merchant how to deal with the missing mark. After delivery, the quality of the sample and the mark should be carefully checked. Don't be busy signing the acceptance.

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