Uv paint cabinet door panel advantages and disadvantages uv paint cabinet door price

uv paint cupboard door because of its rich colors, easy to clean, moisture, etc. but by the consuming public's favorite, but many consumers are advantages and disadvantages uv paint cupboard door and uv paint cupboard door prices do not understand how, today with the small series To understand the advantages and disadvantages of the next uv paint cabinet door and uv paint cabinet door price Oh.

UV Cabinet Introduction

The surface of the UV cabinet is coated with a transparent and environmentally friendly UV-curable paint, and then it is made of environmentally friendly veneer material that has been cured by strong UV light. The surface is flat and the mirror surface has a high gloss effect. It is green and has excellent physical and chemical properties. It guarantees UV cabinets. Long time does not fade. High hardness, acid and alkali corrosion, bright and easy to clean.

The surface of the UV paint cabinet is coated with UV paint through the machine equipment and is automatically applied to the surface of the cabinet plate. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the initiator is decomposed to generate free radicals, initiate the resin reaction, and instantaneously cure the film. UV paint cabinet with strong visual impact, beautiful and stylish surface smooth, wear-resistant, pest control, moisture, not deformed, rich colors, easy to clean, stable quality, resistance to discoloration, impact resistance, high strength (3H above), health Environmental protection and other advantages that surpass other kitchen cabinet doors will gradually become the mainstream cabinet door in the market.

The advantages of UV paint cabinet door

1. High surface smoothness: The mirror highlight effect is obvious.

2, plump film: pure Italian quality, plump and attractive.

3, environmental protection and health: usually paint baking paint baking, and continuous release of volatile material (VOC), UV baking door to solve the environmental problems of the century. Not only does it contain less volatile matter such as benzene, but it also forms a dense cured film through UV curing, reducing the amount of substrate gas released.

4. No fading: Through comparative experiments, it is proved that the UV baking door panel has more excellent physical and chemical properties compared with the traditional plate, ensuring that the UV baking door panel will not deteriorate over time and that the phenomenon of color aberration is solved.

5. Scratch resistance: The higher the hardness is, the brighter it is, the brighter it is, and the room temperature curing will not be deformed for a long time.

6, acid and alkali resistance: Coral board can resist all kinds of acid-alkali disinfectant baptism, vowed to health in the end.

7, high surface hardness: surface resistance to hitting much higher than other paint door.

8, UV paint door flatness generally can be covered by UV paint, paint can not.

The disadvantages of UV paint cabinet door panels

1, poor moisture resistance. In the wet environment of the kitchen, good moisture resistance is the most practical. UV paint cabinet door does not have good moisture resistance, so the service life will not be too long.

2, poor high temperature resistance. A good cabinet, with good high temperature resistance is one of the prerequisites.

3, easy to paint off. The surface of the UV cabinet door has a high hardness. If it is bumped, it can easily get out of paint.

UV paint cabinet door price

1, UV paint five cabinet door panel reference price: 225 yuan / square meter

2, St. Mark UV door series reference price: 690 yuan / square meter

3, crystal plate paint UV board reference price: 280 yuan / square meter

The relevant information about uv lacquer cabinet doorboard is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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