Preferred comfort bed to enjoy the dream of midsummer night

As the saying goes, "eat well and sleep well" shows the importance of "eat" and "sleep" in our lives. Good sleep quality plays a positive role in our physical health and mental state, and the quality of sleep has a great relationship with the bed. Therefore, it is especially important to buy a comfortable bed. The following small series will give you a brief introduction to some tips for buying a bed, so that you can choose a comfortable bed and make a wonderful midsummer night dream!

First, the material should be environmentally friendly

According to the material of the bed, the types of beds can be divided into sheet beds, solid wood beds and soft pack beds, wherein the soft pack bed also includes a fabric bed and a leather bed. These four beds have their own characteristics, and for the health and safety of the human body, no matter what kind of bed, environmental performance should be the first point of attention.

Sheet bed

The sheet bed is economical, mainly adopts artificial board, which is divided into domestic plate and imported plate according to the place of origin. The environmental performance of the imported plate is higher than that of the domestic plate. In addition, the bed frame is generally a row of skeletons composed of curved small plates. The row of skeletons is not bent by a single piece of wood, but is layered and glued by a plurality of layers of wood veneers, and formed by cold press curing. The elasticity is better, but its amount of glue has a great influence on its environmental performance, so its environmental performance is worthy of attention. Although there is also a row of skeletons made of solid wood, the cost is relatively high and the price is higher.

solid wood bed

The solid wood bed has many shapes and materials, and the material is also environmentally friendly. The material of the solid wood bed includes red pine, cedar, yew, citron, nanmu, eucalyptus, oak, birch and so on. However, because domestic paint treatment technology is not in place, PU paint is still generally used, and its environmental performance is also reduced. In addition, since the solid wood bed needs to use the large wooden material, the difficulty of the drying process is improved, and the cracking and loosening is easy after the improper handling, and there is a sound.

Soft pack bed

The soft pack bed is actually a combination of sheet and soft pack, the exterior is fabric or leather, but the frame is still artificial. In addition to paying attention to whether the artificial panels in the frame are environmentally friendly, the soft pack bed also emphasizes whether the sponges and fabrics are environmentally friendly.

Second, the quality should be strong

First of all, you can check whether the bed box and the bed are separated. Some beds need to be fixed by the bed. Then, you can shake the bed by hand to see if it is stable to check its quality. You can also sit on the bed and see if the bed will shake, whether it will make a sound, if not, it will be of good quality. In addition, the number of bed legs is also a factor in determining whether the bed is stable. Generally speaking, the more the number, the more stable.

Third, the size should be moderate

Before buying a bed, first determine the size of the bedroom, see how big the bed can be placed, and secondly consider how many people the bed is used to determine the size of the bed to be purchased. According to the specifications, the bed can be divided into 1.5*1.9m, 1.5*2.0m, 1.8*2.0m, 1.2*1.9m and other different specifications. The standard size of the double bed is 1.5m×2.0m, the standard size of the big bed. It is 1.8 meters x 2.0 meters. It should be noted that the size of the bed refers to the size of the inner frame (mattress) of the bed, so at the time of purchase, it is also necessary to pay attention to the outer frame of the bed, and the outer frame of the different style beds is different.

Fourth, the style should match

Different styles of beds are very different, Korean style is simple and beautiful, European luxury is rich, American style is heroic, Chinese style is restrained and elegant, and Southeast Asian style is natural and simple. Therefore, when purchasing, you also need to pay attention to the style of the selected bed to match the decoration style of the entire house.

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