Dongguan famous furniture first dealer network to promote dealers group negotiations

At the furniture fair, furniture companies often negotiate one-on-one with dealers in various regions, which is not only costly, but also not necessarily effective. However, this traditional docking model of the furniture industry is being changed. Dongguan Langrun Information Technology Co., Ltd. and the famous furniture exhibition co-founded the furniture dealer e-commerce platform - shop customers, will be launched in September. On this platform, dealers who do not know each other will concentrate on the one-off negotiation with the furniture enterprises in the form of alliances, which not only reduces the marketing cost of the manufacturers, but also reduces the operational risks of the dealers. However, for the Dongguan furniture industry to take the e-commerce route, a furniture industry in Dongguan bluntly said how to solve the consumer's sensible habits of purchasing furniture products and control the cost of furniture logistics and distribution is a difficult problem for the furniture e-commerce platform. Huang Dinghua of the Furniture Fair is the marketing director of Dongguan Mingjin Furniture Co., Ltd. This year, Ming Jin entered the domestic market. The two-year-old furniture fair is the most important channel for Mingjin dealers to place orders. Therefore, during the exhibition, Huang Dinghua must negotiate with one-on-one dealers. After a few days, when the show is over, the dealers will return to various places. Shopkeepers saw this long-term unsolved reality and business opportunities. Wang Yu, executive director of the store, believes that the furniture exhibition is over, it is difficult for manufacturers to continue to find scattered dealers everywhere, the cost is high, and the sales target is more difficult to achieve. Therefore, companies that do not find enough distributors can only wait for the next exhibition. Wang Yu said that the shopkeeper has virtualized a furniture exhibition on the Internet, and the furniture company has a brand booth on the page. When the dealer clicks on the exhibition, he can almost obtain the corporate information needed at the physical furniture exhibition. “We have cooperated with famous furniture and collected a large number of dealer resources. The dealers have established a community on the platform. In the process of daily clicking on the booth, the company has increased the channels for enterprises to obtain dealers.” Wang Yu said. Yu Xuhui, deputy secretary-general of the Furniture Club, said that the founder of the store is the designated e-commerce operator of the Shanghai World Expo, with a strong professional team and rich operational experience. As the first interactive platform for professionally serving furniture dealers in China, the presence of shopkeepers will undoubtedly become a major “killer” for famous furniture exhibitions to help enterprises develop their markets. Let the dealer group negotiate the current, the furniture e-commerce model is based on B2C (business to customer), even if the B2B (business to business) model, it is only parallel integration between enterprises. The B2B of the shopper is mainly based on the segmented furniture dealer group, vertically integrating the enterprise and dealer resources. The reporters found that the “dealer community”, “dealer training”, “famous furniture exhibition”, “industry information” and other columns were almost tailor-made for furniture dealers. In this regard, Wang Yu explained that the domestic sales of furniture is radiating across the country, but dealers everywhere do not even know each other. They are all individually contacted and negotiated with furniture companies. This model makes it difficult for dealers to fully understand the corporate brand in a short period of time, and there are often risks of joining. Through the "dealer community" and other platforms, dealers around the world can know each other and form a strategic alliance. Once this kind of social relationship is formed, the shopkeeper can guide them and screen the corporate brand, prompting the dealers to form a group joining mode and negotiate with the furniture brand enterprises one-stop. A person from a furniture club believes that this type of collective bargaining will reduce the cost of joining the dealers and even obtain more preferential conditions for joining, thus maximizing the benefits of the dealers. The confusion of furniture touch-net is complicated by the complex service of furniture products and the high degree of standardization. The development of e-commerce in this field lags far behind the industries of clothing and toys. However, in less than half a year, the furniture e-commerce platform has sprung up like a spring. At the end of February this year, Taobao Mall held a shopping promotion conference for Taobao Aibo, a furniture e-commerce platform at Houhua Jiahua Hotel. At that time, Taobao sent a strong marketing team, in an attempt to attract Dongguan furniture companies to accept the online and offline furniture e-commerce model. Behind the e-commerce platform blowout, Taobao believes that traditional sales channels are dominated and controlled by commercial real estate, and their huge rents put a lot of pressure on furniture companies. Through e-commerce channels, the cost is only 10% to 12% of the transaction amount, which greatly reduces the pressure on the enterprise channel. This is a shortcut for export-to-domestic enterprises. However, compared with the passion of e-commerce companies, the enthusiasm of furniture companies does not seem to be high. A person in the furniture industry in Dongguan said that the bottleneck of furniture touch-net is mainly due to the contradiction between its service model and the franchise market system. On the one hand, consumers need to be able to touch the purchase of furniture products. Even if the online platform has 3D display, it is still not a substitute for physical stores. In addition, e-commerce has a small order quantity and a wide distribution range. The difficulty of logistics distribution and high cost are all problems that enterprises are currently unable to solve. On the other hand, the affiliation of physical stores is still the mainstream channel for furniture sales. Once the online products are cheaper than others, they will impact the franchise market system. However, Wang Yu is still full of confidence. "In three to five years, e-commerce channels cannot subvert traditional channels, but with the consumption structure and technology upgrades, e-commerce will eventually replace them."

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