Elegant and elegant waterproof and moisture-proof competition Weiya paint bathroom cabinet evaluation

There are many styles of bathroom cabinets on the market, which ones should be brought home? Today, we bring you imported oak materials, complemented by the perfect paint process of the Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C, following our evaluation together to get to know this bathroom cabinet! Materials are the determining factor in the quality and price of bathroom cabinets. Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C is made of imported oak from Thailand. The wood is tough and smooth, with a strong and temperament. The quality is excellent and durable. It brings a distinctive touch and beauty, and it has a high quality bathroom life. As for the perfect 12-paint process, the cabinet is made of closed translucent paint. The perfect 12-step paint process not only can be waterproof and moisture-proof, but also can strictly control the formaldehyde content, so that you can use it without any worries. Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C evaluation Saiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C continues the essence of Saiweiya minimalism, the style is clear, the detail design reveals the classic concept. The unique design style is matched with the imported materials. It combines practicality and appreciation into one. The form and function are perfectly combined to create a quiet and enjoyable life. Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C evaluation Saiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C hanging cabinet, the shape of the rectangular parallelepiped, simple straight line makes the cabinet look more concise. The color scheme is matched with the most popular champagne gold in white, which is very modern and fashionable. The hanging cabinet of Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C is simple because of the simple design of Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C. The installation of the hanging cabinet is very flexible. It can be installed on the left side of the mirror or on the right side of the mirror. Actual installation It can be adjusted according to the actual conditions of the bathroom. The design of the cabinet door of the SVI10A-C hanging cabinet is especially simple, and more than half of it is embedded in the cabinet to form a slim, solid effect. This kind of treatment can not only ensure the thickness of the cabinet door, but also does not affect the vision, which shows the designer's intention! Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C hanging cabinet door Saiweiya unique 12 paint process, so that the cabinet surface looks more smooth and smooth, natural color. Each corner is polished and feels comfortable. At the same time, such a surface is easier to clean, waterproof and moisture-proof. Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C material shampoo, shower gel and other toiletries have a certain weight, so the laminate in the cabinet must be thick, otherwise it is easy to deform or even break. The thickness of the laminate in the S66010A-C cabinet is 18mm, which can withstand certain weights and guarantees no deformation. Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C size stainless steel buffer door hinge, reaching the level 10 salt spray test standard, effectively solve the problem of door hinge rust, and at the same time better protect the cabinet from frequent switch collisions damage. Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C door hinger closes the door, the door is automatically closed and there is almost no sound. The actual test proves that the S66010A-C is very quiet. Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C hanging cabinet mute function hanging cabinet is mainly divided into two simple layers, the height of the two layers is the same, the overall size of the cabinet is 360*700*160mm, the space is large enough to accommodate the larger bath. Supplies. Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C hanging cabinet storage function product brand: Saiweiya Product model: S66010A-C Product size: main cabinet 800*490*530mm, hanging cabinet 360*700*160mm, bathroom mirror 600*850*160mm Evaluation time: March 31, 2014 Evaluation location: Saiweiya Headquarters Exhibition Hall Hotline, Dadun Industrial Zone, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City 0757-28080613================= ================================================================================================== With the support of the SAVOIA royal family, outstanding masters gathered in Turin and in 1575 established the SAVOIA royal royal ceramic workshop. The SAVOIA royal family advocates natural life and does not like the "conformity of the traditional art". It is regarded as the new royal family among the European royal family. The royal ceramic workshop was also regarded as synonymous with fashion, and SAVOIA was born. In 2008, SAVOIA began to enter the Chinese market, adding a unique new element to the home space with its unique historical appeal and royal temperament. Classic fashion is the common pursuit of taste for every modern person. As a fashion brand to create enjoyment, SAVOIA is committed to providing the most shining and high-quality bathroom space life, interpreting SAVOIA's unique space philosophy. . For more information about Saiweiya Sanitary Ware, please click on the official website of Saiweiya Sanitary Ware: http://========================= ======================= Read Index: Page1: Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C introduction and hanging cabinet Page2: Saiweiya bathroom cabinet S66010A-C Mirror and main cabinet

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