General hardware accessories classification

The classification of hardware accessories is very complicated, indicating that it seems to be just an industry accessory, but it actually involves various needs of various industries, such as kitchen hardware accessories, furniture hardware accessories and so on.

The following is a rough classification of hardware accessories:

Hardware accessories: handles, doors and windows, home decoration, plumbing, construction, decoration, tools, bathroom, kitchen, home appliances

Furniture hardware accessories: wood screws, hinges, handles, slides, partition pins, hanging parts, nails, heading machines, boring machines, multi-station machines

Cabinet hardware accessories, hinges, drawers, guide rails, steel pumping, baskets, hangers, sinks, baskets, spotlights, skirting boards, cutlery trays, hanging cabinet pendants, multi-function columns, cabinet combination

Mold hardware accessories: punching needle, punch, guide column, guide sleeve, thimble, cylinder, steel ball sleeve, ball sleeve, cage, outer guide column, independent guide column, self-lubricating plate, self-lubricating guide sleeve, no oil supply Guide sleeve, oil-free slide plate, outer guide column assembly

Marine hardware accessories, shackles, flower orchids, chucks, swivels, rings, pulleys, cable bolts, pipe sockets, cable guides, bollards

Clothing hardware accessories, buttons, thread buckles, hooks, claws, rope buckles, pin buckles, military buckles, zipper heads, five-prong buttons, fashion buttons, rope loops, Japanese buckles, glue buckles, stone buckles , zipper head, belt buckle, hollow nail, alloy buckle, alloy pull

Luggage hardware accessories, rivets, aluminum strips, chains, steel rings, buttons, square rings, snap buttons, mushroom nails, hollow nails, wire rings, backpack racks, triangle rings, pentagonal rings, three-section rivets, luggage handles

Door and window hardware accessories, handles, handles, hinges, latches, handles, hinges, wind bracing, pulleys, door flowers, hose clamps, lock boxes, ball bumps, crescent locks, multi-point locks, actuators, pullers, closed Door, glass glue, Samsung lock

Photo frame hardware accessories, hooks, shrapnel, blades, draw, feet, brackets, tablets, loose-leaf, wrap angle, straight nails, angle flowers, angle machines, code nails, angle nails, flannel

Metal stamping parts, flat washers, wafers, springs, shrapnel, face cover, outer casing, signage, nameplate, marking, wire, fork, terminal, stamping, pulling arm, T-plate

Curtain wall hardware accessories, hanging clamps, rigging, AB glue, connecting claws, curtain wall claws, glass claws, joints, glass clamps, glass glue, marble glue, foam strips, planting adhesives, adapters, dry pendants, Railing handrails, chemical bolts, glass curtain walls, non-standard products

Hardware accessories

Decorative hardware

General hardware accessories, valves, bearings, springs, pulleys, casters, joints, pipe clamps, rollers, shackles, nozzles, nozzles, hooks, grapple, steel balls, balls, clamps, hoops, bushes, rigging, Roller, universal wheel, oil seal

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Halbach Array

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