Renault furniture corporate philosophy

Renault is a company specializing in the manufacture of high-end solid wood household items. With the evolution of technology. The concept of a harmonious society began to gradually penetrate the hearts of the people. Health has become a matter of concern to Chinese people for many years to come.

From black heart cotton to poisonous paint, from formaldehyde to fake milk powder. Today, with the proliferation of counterfeiting, people are facing a daily life, clothing, food and shelter with a glass heart. Since the manufacture of furniture from sheet metal , the use of wood has become an indispensable part of the industry. Face it today. Redwood adulteration, solid wood fraud. Black heart furniture is increasingly jeopardizing the health of Chinese people. Let consumers spend their money to support their lives. It may be a time bomb that I bought home.


"The wish of setting up a factory, people-oriented, continuous innovation, forge ahead" is the core concept of Rio. As a traditional Chinese style value brand based on humanity. Rhône is moving towards enjoying a natural, healthy and harmonious home environment. Professionally create healthy furniture that allows consumers to put down their guards and re-engage nature. Modern factory building. Fine processing procedures. The creative design team has allowed Reina to rejuvenate on the road to excellence in environmentally friendly furniture . The main solid wood materials used in the furniture of Rirona are eucalyptus and walnut, and the furniture style is modern and simple new Chinese style.

Product innovation, quality first, treat people with sincerity, and serve the consumers wholeheartedly, and build the first brand of healthy solid wood furniture in China.

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