British physicist "taming" Schrödinger cat will lead a new type of computer

When seeking to develop a new generation of innovative and problem-solving computers, the University of Sussex physicist uses a new technology based on trapped ions and microwave radiation to create and completely control a Schrödinger cat state. A result that goes beyond basic science will be an important step toward achieving the creation of large microwave quantum computers. The research results are published in the latest issue of Physics Review A.

The strange and mysterious nature of quantum mechanics is often illustrated by a well-known experiment called Schrödinger, a thought experiment proposed by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. Through this experiment, Schrödinger pointed out that the application of quantum mechanics in Copenhagen interprets the serious problems that macroscopic objects will produce, and the contradiction between this problem and physical common sense. In this experiment, due to the random nature of previous events, cats are in a superposition of survival and death. According to the theory of decoherence, the cat cannot be in this superposition state forever. Due to the influence of the environment, the decoherence effect will soon occur, and the cat will be in a state of survival or death. Therefore, in general, it is absolutely impossible to observe survival and The superposition of death. So far, physicists have been able to elaborate a superposition of some mesoscopic objects.

According to a report by the Physicist Organization Network on January 20 (Beijing time), the new study uses a new technology based on trapped ions (charged atoms) and microwave radiation to try to create a special type of "Schrödinger cat" that looks like the original Like Schrödinger's cat, these ions exist in two states at the same time by creating "quantum entanglement." Based on the theory of quantum physics, trapped ions will lead the way in building a new type of computer that can solve certain problems at an unprecedented rate.

Quantum entanglement is the main method for the future quantum computer to transmit information and perform error correction. Microwave technology, which is the technology that transmits and receives signals from mobile phones, is a mature semiconductor technology. In general, quantum entanglement requires driving with larger, more expensive lasers, and in order to be able to encode useful data with a large number of required ions, millions of stable beams must be consistent. Using microwave radiation instead of laser to operate all the quantum will make it easier to build a quantum computer, just like in a standard kitchen microwave, its radiation is prone to spread over a large area.

The new study uses microwave radiation instead of lasers to create and fully control a Schrodinger ion, making an important step toward building a large-scale microwave quantum computer.

Winfred, the leader of the research team, said: "The creation of large quantum computers remains a major challenge, and this result shows that we are moving beyond new technologies that have the potential to change people's lives."

Researchers say that over the past two years, microwaves based on this technology have greatly simplified the engineering needed to build a quantum computer. This achievement will open up a series of opportunities to realize new quantum technology.

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