Where can the mortar pump be used?

The use of mortar pump more demanding conditions, it can work grit diameter of not more than 5mm, the mortar can not be mixed with stones and other impurities. The mortar pump mainly consists of a transmission structure and a pump body. As the type of mortar pump continues to increase, its use is also growing. So mortar pump can be used where? It is through what kind of work to reflect its value? Mortar pump can be used where 1, in the construction project, for the vertical and horizontal delivery of mortar. 2, in the metallurgical steel sector, used to repair blast furnaces and other equipment. 3, used in the thermal power plant for conveying fly ash slurry. 4, in the component engineering for mortar injection expansion. 5, in railway construction, used for bridges, culvert grouting reinforcement. 6, in the chemical sector for the delivery of certificates of credit materials. 7, in the national defense, mining, tunnel for grouting. 8, in farmland, water conservancy projects, used to reinforce the dam, sand drilling and other operations. Through the above understanding of the use of mortar pump, we can clearly understand that the mortar pump in the construction, metallurgical steel sector, thermal power plants, component engineering, railway construction, chemical industry, defense, mining, tunnel In the field of farmland, water conservancy, for the reinforcement of the dam, sand drilling and other fields have its busy figure. From which we can conclude that the use of mortar pump is very impressive. Because of the scope of application of mortar pump, to speed up its research and promotion of far-reaching impact on many industries in our country.

Sodium phosphates have many applications in food and for water treatment. For example, sodium phosphates are often used as emulsifiers (such as in processed cheese), thickening agents, and leavening agents for baked goods. They are also used to control pH of processed foods. They are also used in medicine for constipation and to prepare the bowel for medical procedures. Moreover, they are used in detergents for softening water, and as an efficient anti rust solution.

Sodium Phosphate

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