Hardware knowledge: ceramic sanitary industry needs to improve three aspects

Real estate regulation and control is not negligible for the development of ceramic sanitary ware industry. In addition, China's ceramic sanitary ware industry is in the process of shuffling at this stage, so for ceramic sanitary ware enterprises, it is necessary to actively upgrade themselves to adapt to the market.
Specifically, ceramic sanitary ware enterprises will survive and develop in the fierce market competition only if they are continuously improved in the following aspects.

Guarantee product quality and shape brand image

For the importance of quality and quality, I believe that all the ceramic sanitary industry personnel have a very deep and comprehensive understanding of this. However, there are very few companies that really think from the perspective of consumption, and sculpt products from the details to serve the brand image.

Focus on environmental protection and continuous innovation

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, ceramic sanitary ware enterprises can develop new environmental protection technologies and materials, which determines the reputation and market appeal of products to a certain extent. At the same time, this is also the responsibility of entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur who carries "moral blood" should continue to improve and innovate in reducing formaldehyde content and developing recyclable materials. It is really a healthy and environmentally friendly product.

In addition, modern ceramic sanitary ware companies want to keep themselves in an invincible position, and must constantly innovate. Functionally, sanitary ware enterprises need to conduct in-depth investigations into consumers, and make full use of scientific and technological means to solve the functional problems of products, especially for special groups such as the elderly and children, and special research and development; color, symbolic of color Combined with the scientific color principle, it plays the role of finishing touch; in styling, it is necessary to combine the room environment, consider the safety and convenience of the bathroom styling, and convey the aesthetics of the sanitary ware shape with accurate symbol language.

Power the whole home, integrate the industrial chain

The overall home has been in China for several years and has become an increasingly popular trend. According to market research data, at present, the overall household ownership rate of urban households in China is only 6.8%, which is far lower than the average of 72% in developed countries. It can be said that the overall market potential of the whole home in China is very large. Whoever can seize the opportunity will seize more market share. Of course, this requires companies to fully understand the core nature of the overall home and the way the market operates, and also requires companies to have sufficient financial strength. For the bathroom companies with poor strength, it is better to join forces with other companies to share the production of various household products.

In addition, during the industry reshuffle period, ceramic sanitary ware enterprises may cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises to increase control over the industrial chain to reduce costs. For example, the cooperation between furniture companies, paint companies, timber companies and design companies is also a trend that has begun to appear. In the context of the intensified competition and the general trend, channel expansion and industrial chain integration are effective ways for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and reduce market risks.
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