Redwood furniture maintenance is stressful

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Rosewood furniture

Newly made rosewood furniture will have some minor problems in the first two years, such as cracking in winter, but the crack is generally small, which is normal. When consumers buy furniture, they should pay attention to the kind of furniture with expansion joints. The expansion joints will provide expansion and contraction space for the furniture, which can ensure that the furniture does not crack or the cracks are small. Basic maintenance can be done at home, or you can find professional mahogany furniture.

Huanghuali furniture

If the huanghuali furniture is deformed and bent but not serious, it can be slowly recovered by blowing it from the side with a heater. The newly purchased huanghuali furniture usually goes through three winters and two summers before it can enter the stable period. After winter, you can use walnut oil or beeswax to wipe, and you can't put a fish tank next to the furniture or use a humidifier to blow the furniture. If the furniture is cracked and cannot be disposed of, it should be returned to the manufacturer or repaired by a professional maintenance organization.

Rosewood furniture

Burmese rosewood is very stable and generally does not have large cracks. It is enough to play the wax twice from the winter to the end of the winter. Can not be exposed to the sun, hot water and too close to the heating. Buy rosewood furniture should pay attention to the kind of furniture that is waxed when the board is installed. It is necessary to ask the manufacturer in advance that such furniture does not affect the appearance even if it is stretched.

PTFE Packing

Description:It is braided with high purity PTFE (Teflon) filament. PTFE material has a low friction and excellent resistance to chemicals. PTFE Braided Packing is resilient, chemical resistant, self-lubricating, and withstand high linear speed and pressure with minimum wearing to the shaft. Ptfe Packing can be used in various pumps and valves. It is especially good for corrosive media, high speed application, or applications that require clean and minimum contamination material.

Packings made from PTFE  are a mainstay of the mechanical compression packing industry. PTFE is well known for its outstanding resistance to chemical attack, low coefficient of friction and wide temperature tolerance including cryogenic service. This wide flexibility makes PTFE packings a popular choice for those difficult applications where strong solvents, corrosive chemicals and oxidising media require to be sealed.  Style options:


 Technical Data


100% Pure PTFE yarn

Temperature Range

-150 up to +260 oC



15 bar


100 bar


150 bar

Shaft Speed






PTFE Packing

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