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The main function of the external wall brick is to protect the external wall of the building. In reality, the decorative effect of the external wall brick is often more attractive than the external wall brick protection external wall. It is also a very good decorative material and it has corrosion resistance. The advantage of not adsorbing stains is the best choice for exterior decoration of modern commercial buildings. From a lot of real building external wall tiles , we can see a beautiful building with artistic atmosphere. The beautiful exterior brick has become the facade of the entire building. Here we recommend several exterior wall tiles to bring you a different visual feast.

Where are the unique features of the external wall tiles?

As the name implies, the outer wall bricks are used for the protection and decoration of the external walls of buildings. There are also many types of facades to the forefront, including whole body bricks, polished tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, split bricks, and so on. However, these bricks have these basic characteristics.

First, the appearance of the exterior wall tiles is beautiful. The surface of the external wall tiles is glossy or dull, the surface light is flat and the surface is rough, ie it has a different texture.

Second, the texture of the outer wall tiles is excellent. The exterior wall brick is durable, with good durability and texture, colorful and rich decorative effects, and has the characteristics of easy cleaning, fire protection, water resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low maintenance costs. Durability includes dirt resistance, oldness, scrub resistance, and long life, especially in areas where the environment is relatively polluted and the air is dusty. This undoubtedly has great advantages.

These features of the outer wall tile give it great advantages in the protection and decoration of the building's exterior wall! Let's take a look at some pictures of the exterior walls of the building!

House exterior brick picture appreciation

Exterior wall tile one

The exterior wall of this villa adopts a uniform exterior brick paving, but it also shows extraordinary taste. This type of outer wall tile has a clear surface texture, moderate color density, and elegant and noble temperament. The red brick building has a history of the eighties!

Exterior wall tiles II


The combination of red and white renders the vitality of space. It is a wonderful work under the blue sky and white clouds. The brick-red exterior wall bricks make up for the lack of small villas, but it is even more interesting. The perfect picture shows the latest design results. The white eaves, beams and columns, and window frames match with the red brick surface, combining historical sense of fashion with modern fashion sense, becoming a yang-style petty bourgeois house.

Exterior wall tiles three


The shape of this villa is quite different from that of a typical villa. It is unique in shape. The upper and lower layers are clearly separated, and they are completely covered with two different types of external wall tiles. However, they are not significantly obtrusive. The similar color will perfectly combine the two types of external wall tiles and achieve a very artistic effect. The lower floor is made of rough art bricks, which have a sense of cavernousness that extends from the ground floor, while the upper floors are made of plain and smooth gray-brown bricks with a low-key pastoral style and white floor spacing as a platform.

Exterior wall tiles four


Three colors of exterior wall tiles or mixed, or separate paving, you can feel the warmth of the interior from the outside, these exterior wall tiles are not flat surface, with uneven texture, both for the villa to add a bit of art The atmosphere has reached the antique effect. This brick staircase, which extends directly from the second floor, takes on some fresh, naturalistic style. Nowadays, the designs of exterior wall tiles are roughly classical style, naturalistic style, and realistic style. This small building combines three styles of character, strange and harmonious!

Exterior wall tiles five


Naturalistic style: Returning to nature has become a universal psychological demand for modern people. Imitation of natural wall brick products has clearly satisfied people's desire. The exterior wall brick products developed from natural materials such as natural stone and wood are full of natural flavor. Products such as mountain tiles, stream sandstone, wind erosion rocks, and roller printing are close to nature, and people who are tired of urban life have a desire to return to nature.

Exterior wall tiles VI


Realistic style: In the principle of practicality, economy, and high efficiency, it occupies the mainstream of the market. Such as the surface of the tile kiln glazed wall, the use of delicate glazed, 1200 °C high temperature melting firing, the surface to form a similar "porcelain" material, dense pinhole-free, non-absorbent, no suction, no water, in the sun Irradiation and rain erosion, with self-cleaning, sterilization, deodorization and other functions, especially for large dust pollution, high acid rain concentration in areas with harsh natural weather conditions. Ensure that the walls of the building are free from contamination and that maintenance is simple and convenient at a later stage.

Editor's summary: The above is an external wall tile for everyone to introduce today. I hope to help everyone. Everyone looked at these external walls. What did you want to say? Come discuss it together! If you still want to know more related information, please pay attention to this site. Or go to Qijia Mall to buy more of your favorite products.

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