Waterborne cork floor paint helps you trouble

Cork floor paint is a water soluble one-component polyurethane topcoat. The product is selected from foreign resins with excellent performance and refined by scientific formula. After rigorous laboratory testing and extensive application, the paint has all the advantages of solvent-based floor paint and is non-toxic, wear-resistant, yellow-resistant, flexible, excellent substrate wettability and logs. The color reveals the effect.


The paint film has excellent abrasion resistance and the friction loss rate is comparable to that of oily floor paint.

Excellent flexibility and elongation at break over 300%.

Excellent anti-adhesion and anti-crushing properties, high temperature does not return to stickiness.

Excellent interlayer adhesion, no blasting, no peeling, no delamination when grooving.

The substrate has good wetting effect, especially suitable for shower coating, no shrinkage and no foaming.

Excellent water resistance and good chemical resistance.

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Label: Waterborne cork floor paint to help you trouble

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UPVC pipe and fitting is produced by material of unplasticized polyvinyl chlorde, according to standards of ANSI SCH80,SCH40,DIN PN10,PN16, JIS10K, different pressure rate and class for different application. it has good property of corrossion resist, light weight, easy installation and maintaince, cost low, etc. pressure rate SCH80 PVC pipe and fitting is it suitable for water supply, water treatment, chemical industrial, etc.

Ningbo RMI Plastic Co.,Ltd offer UPVC Pipe Fitting SCH80 with specification:                                                        

Size:1/2" to 8"
Connection: socket
Standard: ASME
Pressure rate: SCH80                                                                                                                                                                 

Items: Coupling, elbow, tee, reducer, flange, bushing, union, reducing tee, female coupling, made adaptor, end cap.

UPVC Pipe Fitting SCH80

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