Japan has developed new ceramics with regenerative heat storage

A communique issued by the University of Tsukuba on the 13th said that the university has cooperated with the University of Tokyo to develop a new type of ceramic that can repeatedly store heat and dissipate heat and is expected to be used in solar power generation and factory heat removal systems.

A research team led by Yukiko Atsuko, an associate professor at the University of Tsukuba and a professor at the graduate school at the University of Tokyo, used special conditions to sinter titanium dioxide used in the manufacture of white pigments to produce a ceramic called “λ-trititanium pentoxide”. When this ceramic is exposed to light or electric current, it can accumulate heat energy. If a certain amount of pressure is applied to this kind of ceramic filled with thermal energy, its structure will change, and it will be transformed into “β-trititanium pentoxide”. At this time, the heat energy accumulated inside will also be emitted. Conversely, if the "beta-trititanium pentoxide" is heated, it will return to "λ-trititanium pentoxide" at a certain temperature and continue to absorb heat. Since this transition can occur repeatedly, heat accumulation and heat dissipation can be repeated.

Experts who developed the above new ceramics believe that this new material is inexpensive and has low heat dissipation conditions, so it is expected to develop it into a heat storage material required for solar power generation or to collect waste heat discharged from factories. (Reporter Lan Jianzhong)

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