Card's intelligent network POS consumer management system solution

Card's intelligent network POS consumption management system is a new type of POS consumer system developed and developed by Caltex Smart in accordance with market demand. The system uses real-time processing of data, through the database server, switch, network POS, network server, under the network server ordinary POS, etc., based on Ethernet using TCP/IP communication protocol to use UDP data packets to achieve consumption, checkout, query, report loss and other data exchange. It solves the problem that multiple points of consumption are prone to overdraft, which is basically the same as the method of using the original POS consumption system window machine. It is suitable for multi-point consumption card systems such as colleges, shopping malls and enterprises. The system does not need to install a network card. Limited by the storage capacity, it can effectively solve the system capacity expansion problem, not only for small and medium-sized users scattered consumption, more suitable for large-scale multi-point consumption of large users.

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Sweetening Agent

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