Nissan: Unmanned cars will really mature in 2020

The concept of driverlessness is now very popular. Although this idea is good, when can we really get rid of the steering wheel inside the car? Maybe the arrival of this day will wait until 2020.

Recently, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan Motor Co., said in an interview with the Associated Press that by 2020 Nissan will achieve complete driverless driving. At the same time, Ghosn also said that the development of driverless cars is smooth, and it depends on the attitude of governments to this new technology.

Carlos Ghosn believes that younger users are more interested in driverless cars, car networking, adaptive environments, etc. These are the goals of car manufacturers in the future.

In addition, electric vehicles have also become Nissan's main product plan, Carlos Ghosn confirmed that its Leaf electric car is ready to face Tesla. The ultimate goal of driverless cars is to help humans drive, not to completely replace humans. Therefore, driverlessness will not suddenly mature in 2019, but it will require a process of slow development.

“A completely unmanned car is the ultimate goal of the car's future development, but consumers are more conservative and more cautious than us, so how to improve safety and eliminate consumer concerns is also a problem for manufacturers.” Carlos Ghosn Finally said.

It seems that if we want to experience a real driverless car, we will not wait until 2020 to reveal the answer.


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