Portable intelligent hydraulic pressure analyzer design

With the development of science and technology, hydraulic transmission has its advantages in the defense industry equipment such as Gongli Machinery Metallurgy Machinery, but the hydraulic transmission is difficult to observe its internal operation state, and the possible failure of the equipment increases, in order to ensure the equipment. Normal operation. Change regular maintenance for predictive maintenance to reduce maintenance costs and improve equipment utilization. It is necessary to patrol the equipment at any time through daily equipment inspections, so as to be able to detect faults. Traditional mechanical hydraulic instruments have been developed in this course. The new portable hydraulic pressure analyzer, the maintenance person 4 can carry the instrument, observe the data on the job site, record the required data, and then analyze and manage the data in the office to improve data utilization. Portable hydraulic 1 card is an analyzer, such as feature 1 is easy to carry. The instrument consists of a sensor LCD and a microprocessor. The structure is simple and compact, and the instrument is portable. The instrument adopts a dot-matrix liquid product finder. If the standard 10232 is adopted, the main principle of the communication chip is 1.

The instrument is a computer system with 80051 microcontroller as the core. It includes multiple function block circuits, all of them; in the control of the 80151 single-chip microcomputer, each household module is mainly connected with 1 treatment, and the sub-module circuits are less connected with each other, which can reduce the complexity of the system = The main structure and function of each sub-module are as follows: Signal sway and adjust the shuttle block. It is responsible for providing the standard drive voltage to the sensor, and amplifying and filtering the signal collected by the sensor to obtain a standard pressure signal. The amplifier used here has The common mode rejection ratio and the gain are both effective to suppress the disturbance and perform the double release. The filter is used to suppress the disturbance processing before the sampling and quantization. It is then sent to the analog-to-digital conversion source processing module. It is responsible for power management in the instrument based on low power consumption and ease of use, with battery direct power. Due to the range of power supply for the 80051 and 741 busy series chips, the instrument is powered by a rechargeable battery. This aspect is convenient for the user to use, and on the other hand, the low voltage of the battery ensures the safety of the user.

Easy to operate The instrument uses a full Chinese menu, which requires a wide range of applications. These chips can work normally in the +4+6 range, and the system functions are reduced as the supply voltage is reduced. The power supply battery is powered by 4 series rechargeable 5 cadmium batteries. When fully charged, the capacity is 500 and the terminal voltage is 4.8.

Keyboard serial communication power management signal drive and adjustment main processor liquid crystal drive data protection storage 2 system design 21 hardware structure design hardware circuit design, taking into account the convenience of debugging in the engineering development stage, functional realization reliability, functional module The flexibility of the compatibility between the two sides, the hardware circuit of the system mostly uses the standard keyboard to use the general programmable display interface chip 8279, can complete the keyboard input, the 8279 keyboard configuration is 4.67 trace line provided by 514 through internal decoding. Connect the keyboard column line, set the scan line to the column line, the return line is provided by the muscle; the serial communication conforms to the specification of the 2320 serial communication interface, which is used to send the collected pressure data to the upper computer, Yang 232 serial The communication specifies 21 signals and 25 pins, but in the communication between the analyzer and the computer, only 2 signals and 3 pins 2 pin data output, 3 pin data input, and 7 pin signal ground are utilized. Slightly 2320 serial communication uses a bipolar negative logic signal logic signal level is + to + logic level is 3, to 121 due to the signal level of the microcontroller, the standard level of the coal mine 1 and anti-232 serial communication is not the same Therefore, the main task of the analyzer's serial communication interface is to complete the level shift conversion and signal inversion tasks. The analyzer uses 1 old. The liquid crystal drive module of the company's pressure value waveform is realized by the dot matrix liquid product display device. It is a 160-parent 128 dot matrix display device with integrated control and driver. It can be directly connected to the microprocessor and display various character data protection storage. It is used to store the collected data with high reliability. The total memory capacity is 25 bytes. Because the instrument is often in the process of switching the portable power supply, and the battery may need to be replaced, it is very important to ensure the normal operation of the data storage circuit. Need to pay the entire protection process into the face of the analysis instrument power supply can be divided into four states 0 voltage rise state 2 voltage normal state 3 voltage drop state 4 voltage is 0 state. Second, there are battery status and voltage fluctuations.

As long as the circuit can work normally in these states, the data will not be lost or miswritten.

22 monitoring software design software to the core of the picking instrument, 1 each function of the block road in addition to the source pipe, the outer homopolymer, monitoring software for processing. The software of this system is divided into three parts. The first part is the analyzer function program; the second part is the button receiving data program; the third part is the resistance of the court, in order to make the program structure clear, it is conducive to progress and expansion, The software design of this analyzer uses a structured programming approach. The program of the analyzer is divided into three levels. The highest level is the monitoring program compiled by the key code analysis job scheduling structure; the second layer is the function program module that can be called by the monitoring program to complete the corresponding functions of the analyzer; the bottom layer is A generic subroutine that can be called by each function program module. The main feature of the computerized software design is the keyboard analysis program as the core, and the operation of the whole program is controlled by keyboard operation.

This is fully reflected in the software design of this analyzer. The analyzer has the functions of collecting data from the hydraulic machine, transferring the data storage unit to the zero and the keyboard to input data. Analyzer function program total box 2.

Boot analyzer monitor program collector self-test and initialization data acquisition, block keyboard input data processing block data transfer module storage unit clear block 3 Conclusion The design and production of this system adopts a modular structure, which is convenient for function expansion. The instrument has gained very useful experience.

The gear 8+ is replaced on the spot. The original elastic pin hole is first, and the intersection of the center line of the new gear keyway and the contour of the gear tooth is difficult to be the same as that of the old gear. The elastic half of the sleeve and the elastic shaft are elastic. The pin holes are staggered by an arc length. Re-drilling the reaming not only affects the strength of the bushing and the elastic shaft. And the scene is also unconditional and time. How to eliminate this arc length is the main content of this lesson. They found that the number of teeth was different due to the various gears and spline teeth. The displacement of the elastic pin hole on the circumference is also different every time the tooth is wrong, and the arc length of the misalignment is increased by the rotation of the transmission gear to an integral multiple of the arc length of the elastic pin hole. It is equivalent to the misalignment arc length is equal to zero;

There are a variety of methods for rotating teeth. The calculation of the data is very voluminous. to this end. They program the calculation formula on the machine. Finally solved this difficulty. In addition, the team also made a process improvement to replace the output gear to take the spindle. After the output large gear assembly 7184 bearing is removed, the shaft end is added with a false shaft. Protected with asbestos rope and inserted into a special container for circulating water cooling. The output shaft is lifted with 20 rows of vehicles; a decoupling device is added in the middle, and wood is baked under the gears. The gear has a larger amount of thermal expansion than the shaft, and the 451 full shaft is about to go down. If the gear does not fall off. The detachable group can be unhooked when the height is 2, and the hook is removed. The gear is withdrawn by gravity. More than the gas,

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